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Who is Mohd Eddy Casmady? Is he here to spy on and subvert PKR and PH?

… 28 May 2018 .. Eddy Casmadi sebelum dan selepas pru14. Mamat botak tu budak suruhan KJ & Armand ni. Sape x kenal ex-husband Sariyanti…. nak percaya dgn lalang UMNO ke? Kini cuba nempel pada DS @anwaribrahim. Kami mampu perhatikan … Continue reading

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When religious thugs raided 99 Speedmart Manjoi, Perak: And we thought we are no longer under the BN regime!

… … 31 May 2018 Tapir! Tapir! Retweeted Mariam Admrl-Gen‏ @mariamAdmrlGen 4h4 hours ago Perak MB needs to pull his socks up. We do not want a return to Najib’s reign of terror. People want to live peacefully. Shops want to … Continue reading

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