Open Letter to #TelekomMalaysia #TM: No Internet or fixed line service since 22 March 2016. Something sucks!


31 March 2016

At 6.52 pm
I Whatsapp my wife: TM Came or not?

Wife: Of course not. Talk only.

At 9.17 pm
Wife Whatsapp me: TM sms says repair in progress. hope can be OK tmro.
I: Haha.

TMConnects @TMConnects 8h8 hours ago

Morning. Did you mean you still facing no dialing tone and internet connection failure issue?

Simon Thong @weehingthong 2m2 minutes ago

Yes. New report no. 1-14186362455. Coming when? Who knows?


Neighbour has phone and Streamyx back.

I have Wi Fi but nothing else.


29 March 2016


Dear Sirs

Complaint Number 1-14116027165

1. On Tuesday 22 March 2016, in the afternoon, we discovered that both Streamyx and our fixed line were not working. I lodged a report through my eldest son.

2. Someone in TM sent a message via the same son:

Hi! Upon checking, there is cable theft in your area and restoration is still in progress.

Since nobody on my road or along the next road had Internet or fixed line service, I suppose that it must be true.

4. On Thursday 24 March, I received another message through my eldest son:

Hi! For the time being, we are unable to provide estimated time issue to be resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

5. I can only say that we are MORE sorry than you at Telekom Malaysia.

(a) This is the 8th day and night that we have had no Internet or fixed line service.

(b) To at least get Whatapps at home, I have had to pay a bigger fee to upgrade my U Mobile line.

(c) Every night, I have to use the Internet service at a cybercafe.

(d) And, of course, my TM bill will come as usual, for March, and I will have to pay the RM145 approxinately.

Who do you think is sorry now?

6. When will normal service be resumed? An acquaintance says, “About a month.”

About a month!

I must confess that, reluctant though I am, I concur with him.

No thanks to you, TM,  that I am blogging in the semi-darkness of a noisy, crowded cybercafe.


Simon Thong
Leboh Bercham Selatan 1/3

Desa Impian
31400 Ipoh

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1 Response to Open Letter to #TelekomMalaysia #TM: No Internet or fixed line service since 22 March 2016. Something sucks!

  1. lpwong says:

    yes… i did face the same problem for about 1 month for telekom to fix the cable. unless had the law change to theft who stole things. If not the cable will continuous missing…. i being suffer over a year almost every month will lodge a report against telekom 100

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