Pemandu & The Crime Perception Indicator (CPI) to measure the level of fear of crime: We are still waiting for it…

Crime in Malaysia: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics 3

Street crimes, which include snatch thefts, pose the biggest challenge to the police at the moment.




Dr Amin Khan, the director of Pemandu’s Reducing Crime initiative, explained that the CPI will be based on four components: frequency of crime reports in the media; the perception of safety in public; perception on whether the police or public will help when in need; and the police’s performance.

Perception Crime Indicator (PCI) Surrvey

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera dan selamat pg semua.

Untuk mkluman tn2/pn2 Pelancaran PCI Survey 2017 untuk IPK Selangor telah bermula pada hari Selasa, 5hb September 2017, dan akan berkuatkuasa selama 2 bulan sehingga hari Ahad, 5hb November 2017.

Khidmat YDH Dato/Tuan/Puan Ketua-ketua Balai diperlukan untuk (bermula dari sekarang dan sepanjang tempuh penguatkuasaan PCI Survey 2017),

1. Mula berinteraksi dengan semua ‘Lead Respondents’ berdasarkan kepada senarai2 yang di serahkan kepada PEMANDU tempuh hari untuk mengajak dan menggalakkan ahli2 mereka untuk menjawab PCI Survey berkenaan

2. Dokumen pengenalan Survey (seperti di lampiran) boleh di berikan kepada setiap ‘Lead Respondents’ untuk mereka guna dan panjangkan kepada ahli2 mereka

3. Survey links untuk menjawab Survey bagi IPK Selangor adalah seperti berikut,

Suarakan Pandangan Anda!
Klik…# untuk kongsi pendapat anda dalam kaji selidik Perception of Crime Indicator (PCI) 2017 – versi Bahasa Melayu.
Let Your Voice Be Heard !!!!
Click…# to share your views on the Perception Crime Indicator (PCI) Survey 2017 – English version.

4. Kita perlu mencapai sasaran responden Survey seperti yang termaktub di dalam senarai (Membership Size)

Mohon kerjasama dan tindakan YDH Tuan/Puan untuk menjayakan PCI Survey 2017 yang telah menjadi KPI YB Tan Sri IGP dan YB Timbalan Perdana Menteri untuk tahun 2017 ini.

Orang ramai dijemput untuk memberi pandangan untuk kebaikan bersama.

Semoga sukses semua, insyaAllah. Sebarang kemusykilan atau penerangan lanjut, sila hubungi kami di PEMANDU.

Sekian. Terimakasih,
Abdul Mutalib Ishak
Senior Vice President
PEMANDU Associates
On behalf of Civil Service Delivery Unit (CSDU)
NKRA – Reducing Crime
National Transformation Programme (NTP)
Prime Minister’s Department
HP:+6.019.280 9102


Perception Crime Indicator (PCI) Surrvey

Assalamualaikum and greetings and good morning all.

For Mkluman Tn2 / Launch PCI Launch Survey 2017 for Selangor’s gpa have started on Tuesday, 5th September 2017, and will be effective for 2 months until Sunday, 5th November 2017.

Ydh Service Dato / Sir / Madam Chairman of the station is required for (starting from now and throughout the PCI Enforcement Survey 2017),

1. Start interacting with all ‘leads respondents’ based on the senarai2 that are submitted to the drivers travel day to invite and encourage their members to answer the PCI Survey

2. Survey Identification Documents (such as in attachments) can be given to each ‘lead respondents’ for them to use and extend to their members

3. Links Survey to answer a survey for Selangor’s GPA is as follows,

Unmute your views!
Click to share your opinion in the perception survey of crime goods (PCI) 2017-Malay Version of Malay.
Let Your Voice Be Heard !!!!
Click to share your views on the Perception Crime Indicator (PCI) Survey 2017 – English version.

4. We need to reach the target respondents survey as it is written in the list (membership size)

Please cooperate and act of ydh sir / madam to complete the PCI Survey of 2017 that has become the kpis of yb tan sri and YB Deputy Prime Minister for this year 2017

People are invited to give a look for the good.

Good luck, insyaallah. Any questions or more details, please contact us at the driver.

That’s it. Thank you,
Abdul Mutalib Isaac
Senior Vice President
Associates driver
On behalf of Civil Service Delivery Unit (CSDU)
NKRA – Reducing Crime
National Transformation Programme (NTP)
Prime Minister’s Department
HP: + 6.019.280 9102


Perception Crime Indicator (PCI) Survey

The Perception Crime Indicator (PCI) Survey is conducted annually to measure your Fear of Crime. This is an initiative by PEMANDU Associates together with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) and Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) . The data gathered via the online survey helps the United Against Crime campaign under …

Can you blame the Rakyat for their perception that crime is very high in the country?

9 November 2015

‘Even CCTVs might get stolen’ at the Bagan Ajam market in Butterworth, Penang.

Traders and regular customers ‘market from hell’.

‘Even CCTVs might get stolen’ Read More :

Embedded image permalink

BUTTERWORTH: Traders at the popular Bagan Ajam market claim that they suffer losses almost daily because of crime, but police have done nothing about the matter or are unable to take action.

The lack of action, said the traders, had led to them no longer lodging reports whenever a crime took place.

The 200 traders at the 40-year-old market said they were left with no choice but to toughen up, with some even installing grilles in the ceiling of their outlets.

If having to face thefts and robberies during the day was not enough, the night can prove to be just as bad.

Many a time, the traders arrive at their outlets to open for business in the morning only to find that the premises have been damaged or vandalised.

This, they said, was because the open space served as a “party place” for drunkards, addicts and vagrants.

3 November 2015

M’sia to introduce indicator to measure crime perception amid public scepticism

November 3, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced today (Nov 3) a new public crime rate perception indicator in a bid to tackle society’s unbudging negative view of such issues.

Dr Ahmad Zahid, who is also home minister, added that the current administration faced a challenge to counter society’s high “fear of crime” despite the authorities’ success in lowering the rate over the past four years by 40 per cent.

“We are coming out with the Crime Perception Indicator or CPI, to measure the level of fear of crime.

“Once it is calibrated properly, we will publish both, the crime index and the CPI,” he said during his opening speech for the Roundtable on Crime Prevention: Towards a Safer Malaysia.

He added that the index will “help crime prevention” and improve the efficiency of the enforcement agencies.

He said their studies found that the perception of crime remained steady despite authorities’ success in lowering the crime rate, which he noted was unusual.

The minister acknowledged, however, that the public is unconvinced by the crime statistics released by the police, but hoped that data released by Pemandu and third-parties will be more credible in the eyes of Malaysians.

Dr Zahid also confirmed that street crimes, which include snatch thefts, pose the biggest challenge to the police at the moment. MALAY MAIL ONLINE

Crime perception indicator to keep people safe

GEORGE TOWN, July 13 — The public’s fear of crime will be used to draw up prevention strategies to fight criminals.

Lead investigator for the study on public perception of safety Associate Prof P. Sundramoorthy said the crime perception indicator (CPI), when completed, would be used to grade enforcement agencies’ performance in protecting the people.

“It is a world’s first. Similar studies have been conducted but they only rate the fear towards the crime,” he said.

“What makes CPI unique is that we even come out with crime prevention strategies and how to strengthen law enforcement, especially the police, in reducing crime and the fear of society towards crime.”

The first step of the study begins after Hari Raya by sampling 5,000 to 10,000 people from various organisations besides individuals.

It is sponsored by the Performance Management Delivery Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department tasked with reducing crime under the national key result areas.

The study is expected to be completed by year-end and the findings can be used by early next year, he said.

“You don’t have to experience crime to fear crime. The perception on the fear of crime is based on opinion, what they read or hear. Whether it is real or perceived, both have a major impact on society.”

He said the questions in the study included “Do you feel safe?” and “How do you feel about the crime index? Has it decreased, increased or been maintained over the last five years?”.

Sundramoorthy, 54, is an associate professor of criminology and has been a faculty member at Universiti Sains Malaysia school of social science since 1994. He also served as a Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation executive member.

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