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Gone: Idris Jala and Pemandu (Najib’s project paid for by our taxes)…

… PEMANDU UNTIL IT WAS ABOLISHED ON 23 MAY 2018 Pemandu was a unit set up in 2009 under the Prime Minister’s Department of Najib Razak with the task of developing the National Transformation Programme and coordinating its implementation. … … Continue reading

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Pemandu & The Crime Perception Indicator (CPI) to measure the level of fear of crime: We are still waiting for it…

— Crime in Malaysia: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics 3 … Street crimes, which include snatch thefts, pose the biggest challenge to the police at the moment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snatch_theft … 2015 Dr Amin Khan, the director of Pemandu’s Reducing Crime initiative, explained … Continue reading

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_________________________________________________ The University Malaya Health Metropolis http://etp.pemandu.gov.my/11_January…etropolis.aspx Universiti Malaya Holdings will spearhead an initiative to develop and position the Health Metropolis as Malaysia’s premier medical hub and as one of the centres of excellence for medicine and bioscience in the … Continue reading

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