Universiti Malaya: Vendetta against Anis Syafiqah?

Kate Mayberry Retweeted KESATUAN Mahasiswa

Anis Syafiqah, student who led Tangkap MO1 rally, found guilty in disciplinary hearing of damaging university’s reputation. Punishment tbc.

Kate Mayberry added,

Three of Universiti Malaya students who organised Tangkap MO1 rally, including Anis Syafiqah, suspended for one semester. Three also fined.

27 Jan 2017

2h2 hours ago

Varsity uses orientation week to ‘bash’ student activist


PETALING JAYA: A local university allegedly used its orientation week to “brainwash” its new students by painting a negative image of a well-known student activist.

This was revealed when slides on Anis Syafiqah Md Yusof, a student activist from Universiti Malaya, who organised the #TangkapMO1 rally last year, were spread through Facebook.

Accompanying the pictures were the captions: “We admit we are not good academically”, and, “Is it wrong that we are with the opposition?”.

There were also slides containing pictures of street demonstrations, captioned with statements such as “creating chaos”, among others.

The programme was believed to be part of an information session with the authorities during the university’s orientation week at its campus in Selangor.

Anis, when asked what she thought of the university’s move to use her as part of its orientation programme, said she had never even uttered the words attributed to her.

“There is no video that can prove I said any of the things they claimed I had said.

“I’m very disappointed the posters have been used as material to brainwash the university’s new students,” she said.

22 Dec 2016

malaysiakini: Watch LIVE: Dr Mahathir, Anis Syafiqah on UUCA forum via kinitv


The infografik of AUKU Forum by us with Tun Mahathir and student activist : Anis Syafiqah. Part 1





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