Malaysian Football: Explosive Fans, Mediocre Team

Football in Malaysia is EXPLOSIVE! We mean the fans, not the game or the national team.

5 October 2015

FIFA sanctions Malaysia over crowd trouble

sanctions Malaysia over crowd trouble

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LAUSANNE, Oct 5 — World governing body FIFA today announced a series of sanctions against the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) as punishment for the crowd trouble that wrecked the World Cup qualifier against Saudia Arabia on September 8.

Militant fans angry at the 10-0 humiliation in a previous match to the United Arab Emirates fired flares billowing orange smoke at Shah Alam Stadium as Malaysia trailed the Saudis 2-1 in the final minutes of the tie.

Players and officials then hurried from the field and Saudi fans ran from the stands as flares flew around the stadium. Eleven people were arrested but no one was reported injured

FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee said in a statement that their investigation of the incidents showed that FAM was “liable for the spectators behaviour.”

As a result Malaysia’s next home match — a World Cup qualifier against the Emirates on November 17 — is to be played behind closed doors, FAM is to be fined 40,000 Swiss francs (RM180,000) and issued with a warning.

Furthermore, the committee decided that the match be declared to be lost by forfeit by Malaysia 0-3.

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15 September 2015

2 Ultras Malaya charged with rioting

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Two ‘Ultras Malaya’ supporters charged with rioting

Bernama     Published Today 4:28 pm     Updated Today 4:30 pm

Two ‘Ultras Malaya’ supporters charged with rioting

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Two ‘Ultras Malaya’ supporters, including the group’s leader, were charged in the Magistrate’s Court in Shah Alam today with rioting during the match between Malaysian and Saudi Arabia in the World Cup 2018/Asian Cup 2018 qualifier at the Shah Alam Stadium last week.

Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad, 36, and Nudzul Haqimi Zulkepli, 31, however, claimed trial after being charged before Magistrate Norshakinah Ahmad Kamarudin.

They were charged together with several others who are still at large with rioting by throwing flares and smoke bombs onto the pitch and letting off fireworks.

They were accused of committing the offence at Quadron C, Shah Alam Stadium, in Section 13 in Shah Alam at around 10.50pm on Sept 8.

They were charged under Section 147 of the Penal Code and are liable to jailed up to two years or fined or both, if convicted.

10 September 2015

‘It had to be done,’ Ultras Malaya says amid probe on ruckus at Malaysia-Saudi match

“It had to be done,” says amid probe on ruckus at Malaysia-Saudi match

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Published: 6:45 PM, September 10, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR — Ultras Malaya appears to have admitted to having had something to do with the chaos that prematurely ended Malaysia’s World Cup qualifying match against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday night, as the hardcore local football support group took to Twitter to justify the incident.

Posting under the handle @ultrasmalaya07, the group was apologetic to football fans in both countries but argued that they have gone through all the “proper channels” to demand reform in the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), to no avail.

“Sorry players. Sorry Malaysian. Sorry Saudi Arabian. But it have to be done,” the group said in a tweet two days ago.

Ultras Malaya stressed in a follow-up tweet that they have actively voiced out their dissatisfaction over what they claim to be FAM’s dismal management of Malaysian football over the past three decades, stating that they have held post-match protests and demonstrations at the FA’s headquarters and even sent out petitions. “

“You people forgot last year we campaigned #RombakFAM before congress. Pressured FA delegates. Met candidates. The proper channel as you said,” the group wrote in Malay in another tweet, referring to their campaign calling for a complete revamp of FAM during the association’s elections last year.

Malaysian Insider

Special police task force to track down Shah Alam stadium troublemakers

Special police task force to track down Shah Alam stadium troublemakers

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The Selangor police have set up a special task force to track down the individuals involved in the commotion during the football match between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia at the Shah Alam Stadium, on Tuesday.

Selangor police chief Datuk Abdul Samah Mat said state CID chief, Datuk Mohd Adnan Abdullah, would lead the task force.

He said the team would also investigate how and who was responsible for bringing banned items, such as flares and firecrackers, into the stadium.

“We are looking into the recordings of the incident obtained from the police on duty, media and the public,” he told reporters after the disposal of gambling machines at the Ara Damansara police station today.

According to him, the total number of individuals arrested so far in relation to the commotion remained at 11. – See more at:

Malay Mail Online

FAM gets 14 days to explain security breakdown at Malaysia-Saudi match (VIDEO)


FAM gets 14 days to explain security breakdown at Malaysia-Saudi match

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PUTRAJAYA, Sept 10 — The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has been instructed to submit a detailed report to the national sports commissioner on Tuesday night’s fiasco that prematurely ended Malaysia’s World Cup qualifier against Saudi Arabia, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said today.

He said national sports commissioner Datuk Zaiton Othman had already issued the order through a letter sent yesterday to FAM, which will have 14 days from the date of the letter to respond.

“Once the commissioner gets the report, then Datuk Zaiton can take whatever action necessary,” Khairy said at a news conference here.

“This includes provisions under Section 20(1)(6) to deregister or suspend a sports body that does not rectify any malpractice, misconduct or irregularity by its office bearers or members within the period specified in the written notice given by the Commissioner,” he added, referring to the Sports Development Act 1997.

Khairy said his ministry has gathered “a lot of intel, proof and information” pointing at FAM’s alleged failure to heed prior warnings that the incident was going to happen.

FAM, however, made no effort to stop the incident from happening even with the information in hand, he added.

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Amok at Stadium Shah Alam: Ultras Malaya supporters give their side of the story

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Amok at Stadium Shah Alam: Ultras Malaya give their side of the story

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KUALA LUMPUR: Shah Alam Stadium resembled a war zone last night when burning flares and firecrackers were thrown onto the field, as Malaysia trailed 1-2 behind Saudi Arabia, with three minutes left in their 2018 World Cup qualifying match.

The actions of a group of hardcore football fans were quickly labeled as shameful, tarnishing the country’s good name, but for this group of supporters known as Ultras Malaya, it was their last resort.

While many criticised their violent actions, others observed this as an effective method of amplifying the voice of supporters of local football, to those in charge of the sport here in Malaysia.

Some of these netizens even questioned the relevance of ‘using the right channel’ to voice one’s opinion, reasoning that fans did use the right channel to voice their case, but to no avail.

After a 10 nil thrashing, is this our way of saving Malaysia from another defeat?

9 September 2015

Hahahah it may be a joke but make it go viral please!

Enraged by local football fans, Saudi donor demands RM2.6bil refund

saudi malaysia world cup

JEDDAH:  Malaysia’s anonymous, possibly royal, Saudi political donor, was so angered by our poor football sportsmanship last night, he has demanded Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak give him a full refund, it was revealed today.

“When I saw those Malaysian football thugs throwing flares and punching Saudi supporters, I thought, ‘this is not how brotherly nations should treat each other!’  I’m seriously wondering why I helped the Government win the last election and fight Isis by putting RM2.6billion in the PM’s personal account!”

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Top news story

Saudi football fans claim they were attacked: SHAH ALAM: Several Saudi Arabian football fans were attacked dur…


Wednesday September 9, 2015 MYT 8:25:43 AM

11 nabbed after M’sia-Saudi Arabia football match abandoned


SHAH ALAM: Police arrested 11 football supporters for causing disturbance at the World Cup qualifying Asian Zone Group A match against Saudi Arabia at Shah Alam on Tuesday night.

The match was halted after a group of supporters threw objects onto the pitch.

A group of fans known as Ultras Malaya allegedly threw flares and fireworks onto the pitch during the 87th minute forcing the referee to stop the game.

When asked if the 11 arrested were part of the Ultras Malaya, Shah Alam OCPD Asst Comm Shafien Mamat declined to comment.

He said police would investigate how the flares and fireworks were smuggled into the stadium.

Crowd trouble spoils Malaysia‘s fighting WCQ loss to Saudi Arabia |

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Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia match abandoned after crowd trouble

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Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia match abandoned as both teams coaches refused to continue the match

MalaysiaSaudi Arabia World Cup Qualifying tie stopped in 88th minute after fans threw flares on the pitch

Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia 08/09 (2)

Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia 08/09 (2)

6m6 minutes ago

The pyro from Malaysia v Saudi Arabia

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PENYOKONG melontar suar dan mercun ke stadium menyebabkan perlawanan dihentikan pada minit ke-88

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