Bersih4 gets a clean-up bill of RM64,955 and a THREAT: If you don’t pay up, we’ll dump rubbish outside Bersih 2.0 office next time!

Just because Bersih 2.0 has RM2 million in donations, SOMEONE is eyeing some of the money…

8 September 2015

Housing, Urban Well-being and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan gets thrashed for threatening to dump trash outside Bersih office.

Bersih: Rahman stooped so low for suggesting to dump trash

Kow Gah Chie     Today 6:52 pm     Today 7:18 pm

Bersih: Rahman stooped so low for suggesting to dump trash

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Bersih said Housing, Urban Well-being and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan has stooped so low for suggesting to dump all the trash generated from future rallies at the electoral watchdog’s doorstep.

“The minister should not even suggest throwing rubbish in front of our house (office),” said Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah when met at Kuala Lumpur Court Complex today.

“Yesterday I told reporters that we really don’t want to respond to rubbish remarks. I mean, this is below us.

“I am not going down that level to debate with him about rubbish,” she said emphasising that Bersih’s demand for clean and fair election has not even been dealt with.

Malay Mail Online

Who else but Bersih 2.0 has been slapped with city clean-up bill? Ambiga asks Putrajaya

By Ida Lim

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8 — Prominent lawyer and activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan accused the federal government of “picking” on Bersih 2.0 by forcing the polls reform group to pick up the RM65,000 tab for the capital city’s clean-up after the mammoth two-day Bersih 4 rally last month.

Ambiga, president of the National Human Rights Society (Hakam), pointed out that many other events have also been held in the city and asked if the government had ever billed their organisers for the clean-up afterwards.

“Why were they picking on Bersih? I want to know which other organisations have gotten a similar bill,” the former Bersih 2.0 chairman said during a roundtable talk here.

“I find it so churlish and petty for the government to dump a bill, just to make a point, just to needle it. I don’t know what the point is apart from being extremely difficult,” she added.

Ambiga was not alone in questioning the government action on billing Bersih 2.0.

James Nayagam, a member of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) had earlier also asked if other event organisers had received similar clean-up bills.

Bersih 2.0 steering committee member Thomas Fann told the roundtable discussion that some 1,300 volunteers were recruited for logistics purposes during the rally, including ensuring clean streets and distributing water.

“It’s not just picking up rubbish, but sorting rubbish,” Fann said, adding that volunteers had even told rally-goers to separate the trash according to the material type into garbage bags of different colours.

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Poor Bersih’s neighbour, don’t expect apology from minister

Yoursay     Today 7:39 am     Today 7:55 am

YOURSAY ‘Hundreds, if not thousands, found Bersih HQ to buy Bersih 4 T-shirts.’

Minister blames poor Bersih signage for billing boo-boo

SRMan: Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan, in stating that his officers went to the right address but had merely mistakenly photographed the house next door, is akin to a situation where he goes locating someone in a neighborhood – he finds the correct address but is unable to enter the house because he has mistakenly used the neighbour’s door. Is that the ludicrous reason he is trying to tell us?

I fully agree with the Bersih chairperson’s intended action in challenging the RM64,000 cleaning bill in court. As I have commented before, there were several volunteers at the rally collecting empty cans or plastic bottles.

There was hardly any litter on the roads. Bersih (clean) is not named ‘bersih’ for no reason. In fact, the organisers and participants should be commended for their civic consciousness.

The minister has instead tried to put Bersih organisers and rally-goers in a bad light.

2 cents: Point 1: Bersih is merely a coalition that depends on financial support from the public, and not a powerful political party that could raise US$700 million worth of “donation”.

I would be worried if Bersih spends the limited funds that they receive from the public on large and fancy signboards at their office.

Point 2: The poor sense of direction of these local council personnel in locating Bersih office is a reflection of the poor sense of direction of the entire cabinet – we can’t really depend on these clueless ministers to steer the country out of the mess that we are facing.

Now I believe Bersih’s demands are justified.

Just Your Normal Rakyat: It is so embarrassing. It seems that our ministers like to make comments without first verifying the facts – “And this is the office of Bersih which doesn’t look like “bersih” at all.”

What a cheap shot. If so many ordinary rakyat can locate the Bersih 2.0 headquarters, I find it ridiculous that our government officers are unable to do so.

Anonymous 122461436161429: Indeed, thousands found the Bersih office to buy the yellow T-shirts and they did not need big signage.

Cmfoo: Abdul Rahman, don’t try to pin blame on those below you and others. This is the result of an ineffective leader when the simplest job of delivering an invoice can go to the wrong address.

Worst is when he himself, without checking facts, eager to find fault and jumped the gun in making a ridiculous accusation (that the house was dirty).

Dalvik: Given the fact that Abdul Rahman is BN strategic communications director, I am not surprised that he is good at ‘strategically communicate’ to divert our attention from this fiasco.

But let’s face the fact, if he has issue getting his staff to find the right address, how effective can he do his job in the Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Ministry?

Relevancy: Why does one need to have a big signage to say it is Bersih 2.0 in a residential area?

Of all people, one should know it is not a registered NGO but a coalition of NGOs. That tells our ministers do not have any understanding of anything.

Anonymous_1421806811: When people make mistakes, it is a sign of maturity that they apologise for their mistakes.

When people give excuses for their mistakes, it is a sign of arrogance. I guess this is what our leaders have become – arrogant, rude and dumb.

Vent: Instead of commending the citizens for their superb display of cooperation and civic mindedness, the government lackeys in their rage at being thumped by Bersih 2.0, have invented a ‘cleaning’ bill for them.

Why should Bersih 2.0 pay the wages of the DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) workers, who are paid to clean up the streets of Kuala Lumpur?

7 September 2015

Malaysian Insider

Clean up bill served, minister threatens to dump rubbish outside Bersih office next time

Clean up bill served, minister threatens to dump rubbish outside Bersih office next time

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Bersih 2.0 was given a bill for RM64,955 as clean-up costs for the Bersih 4 rally today, as Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan (pic, below) threatened to dump rubbish outside the electoral reform group’s office after the next Bersih protest.

Bersih 2.0 chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah received the bill today from the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Corporation (SWCorp) for the 34-hour rally on August 29 and 30.

Bersih 2.0 on its Twitter account said that it “finally received the bill even though it had helped to clean up” roads in Kuala Lumpur where the rally was held.

It also posted a photo of Maria receiving the bill from an officer.

Bersih 2.0 later emailed a copy of the invoice and a letter from SWCorp to the media.

Meanwhile, Rahman also issued a statement, telling the group to pay up more so because it had collected RM2.4 million in public donations for the rally.

“I am very sure the RM65,000 bill won’t cause a dent to Bersih’s massive and millions of funding and their continued refusal to pay only shows they have taken the donors for a ride.

“If Bersih refuses to pay, next time Bersih holds another illegal demonstration in Kuala Lumpur, perhaps I should dump the rubbish in front of their office,” the minister said in a statement.

Maria and Rahman had earlier been at odds over paying for the clean up costs, with Maria saying Bersih 2.0 would challenge any clean up order in court.

The civil society group had organised its own volunteers to collect rubbish during the 34-hour rally.

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in case you miss BERSIH office again. Sorry no red carpet – we don’t intend to pay

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5 September 2015

Minister sends the bill to the wrong house AND DENIGRATES the people who live there!

VVIP Minister, the government uses the rakyat’s money to give YOUR AND YOUR FAMILY a great place to stay, to pay your expenses, etc..but we common people struggle to make ends meet.

And this is the office of Bersih which doesn’t look like “bersih” at all.

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. uncle who lives there has a family doing its best 2survive amid rising costs, tks2 gst. Sorry if doesn’t meet your high stds


Minister sends Bersih 4 clean-up bill – to the wrong address

Today 7:44 am     Today 7:49 am

Electoral reform coalition Bersih 2.0 finally got the RM65,000 post-rally clean-up bill but in a comedy of errors, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers sent it to the wrong address.

It would have been a quiet mistake, except that Urban Wellbeing, Housing, and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan drew attention to it by posting a series of tweets.

The minister, who is also BN’s strategic communications director, had tweeted yesterday that his officers had gone to the electoral watchdog’s office in Petaling Jaya to hand over the clean-up bill for Bersih 2.0’s 34-hour rally

However, despite having the right address, the officers – based on a photo tweeted by Abdul Rahman – had gone to the wrong house.

And this is the office of Bersih which doesn’t look like “bersih” at all.

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“Today my officers went to Bersih’s registered office to deliver the RM65,000 clean-up bill. It’s locked and unattended, Abdul Rahman tweeted.

He even mocked the condition of the building which he thought was the Bersih office.

“And this is the office of Bersih which doesn’t look like ‘bersih’ (clean) at all,” he posted, along with a photograph of a house which he said could use some sprucing up.

Bersih 2.0 activists were quick to point out that the photograph is not of their office.

“Wrong house lah! Don’t insult the uncle who lives next door,” Bersih advocacy officer Zoe Randhawa tweeted in reply.

Bersih secretariat manager Mandeep Singh then provided the minister with its office number.

“If Rahman’s officers can’t find the Bersih office, please call our office. I can guide them. Please don’t get the wrong house again,” Mandeep replied.

Rahman Dahlan has not responded to their tweets, but had said that his officers would make another delivery attempt next week.

“We will try again next week to deliver the invoice of RM65,000 to Maria Chin Abdullah and Bersih. #payup!” he posted, using his Twitter handle @mpkotabelud.

We will try again next week to deliver the invoice of RM65k to Maria Chin Abdullah and Bersih. !

And this is the office of Bersih which doesn’t look like “bersih” at all.

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Today my officers went to Bersih’s registered office to deliver RM65k clean up bill. It’s locked & unattended.


How much is the clean up cost eh?


During Bersih 4, roads were surprisingly much cleaner than normal. Maybe should invoice DBKL instead.

Malay Mail Online

We did our best, but it’s really your job to clean up city streets, Bersih 2.0 chief tells DBKL

By Mayuri Mei Lin

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 1 — Warned that she will be billed RM65,000 for the mess in the aftermath of the mammoth Bersih 4 rally last weekend, organiser Maria Chin Abdullah said today that cleaning the streets was the responsibility of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

The chairman of electoral reform group Bersih 2.0 said she had yet to receive any cleaning bill but voiced her disappointment with the government for sticking her with the payment.

“We haven’t receive anything yet but it’ll be disappointing if it comes because it is the duty of DBKL to clean up and our volunteers tried our best to clean up as much as possible,” she told Malay Mail Online over the phone when contacted.

“They also forget that it is DBKL’s duty to clean up the city so they should be cleaning up anyways,” Chin added.

In response, Chin said Abdul Rahman was missing the bigger picture by focusing on the cleaning bill instead of the wishes of the thousands of demonstrators who had gathered on the national capital’s streets on August 29 and 30 and called for institutional reforms.

“This is a small matter as it was a big achievement over weekend.

“Datuk Rahman Dahlan missed the point of what is happening,” she said.

She also insisted that DBKL explain how they came up with the RM65,000 figure as Bersih 2.0’s funds were actually the public’s money.

“To be honest, it is not Bersih’s money, it is the rakyat’s money. I want to know how they will spend it and where this amount comes from,” she said.

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Bersih 2.0 deputy chairman Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan: This is not the first time Bersih 2.0 was slapped with a ‘cleaning bill’.

“They have sent us bills in the past but they could not defend their bill. When our lawyers wrote to them, they went silent.


Wednesday September 2, 2015 MYT 7:24:38 AM

Bersih to sue if slapped with clean-up costs

Bersih 2.0 chief Maria Chin Abdullah said the ministry’s statement was very disappointing, as their volunteers had stayed back to clear the rubbish after the rally over the weekend.

“If he had been there, he would have known how hard our volunteers worked to actually clean up,” she said.

Maria said that she would seek legal advice if Rahman wanted to slap the bill on the organisation.

“If he wants to do it, there is nothing that I can do. We will seek legal advice,” she said adding this could mean taking the matter to court.

Separately Bersih 2.0 deputy chairman Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan denied dirtying the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

He said the organisers made extra effort to ensure the streets were clean during and after the rally.

“We have photos to show that we cleaned up the area with thousands of our volunteers.

“You can ask anybody who attended the rally that everyone was cooperative,” he said.

A.D. said charges include people peeing…. He saw it ?

He overlooked to compliment about the hugh collections from the DBKL Toilets too.

How much will they get from these when they are recycled?

光华日报 Kwong Wah Yit Poh



Looks like participants take the term “Bersih” really seriously.

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5h5 hours ago

Bersih 4 clean-up costs RM65,000, says Rahman Dahlan

Bersih 4 clean-up costs RM65,000, says Rahman Dahlan

– See more at:



King Jason's photo.

Yang ni DBKL tak hantar BILL RM65 ribu ker?

Michael Yip  retweeted BERNAMA

I guess collected cleaning fees as donation, so they need to bill to pay it instead.

Michael Yip  added,

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