Sexy Belly Dancing at One Segamat Mall



Belly Dance upsets Segamat PAS chief Firdaus Masod.

Segamat MCA chief, Dr Lee Hong Tee, calls his attitude ‘authoritarian’.


Meanwhile, in a statement today, MCA’s Segamat chairperson Dr Lee Hong Tee, challenged PAS’ fellow Pakatan ally, DAP, to speak up on the matter.


PAS deems belly dancing ‘an insult to women’
1:39PM Jun 6, 2013

PAS Youth has slammed MCA for “discriminating against women” for supporting a recent belly dancing show in a mall in Segamat, which allows women to be “ogled by men”.

“Belly dancing at a supermarket is clearly discriminatory against women. These women were dressed in sexy clothes, half-nude, and danced by moving their captivating bodies to the rhythm.

“Women should be venerated (dimuliakan). This is not a woman’s place. They have a higher place (in life) as leaders, managers and respectable people.

NONE“Putting them there to be oggled by men is an insult towards women,” its secretary Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil (left) said in a statement.

Supporting Segamat PAS who first slammed the belly dancing show, he also censured MCA’s Segamat chairperson Dr Lee Hong Tee who said that belly dancing is a healthy and artistic activity.

“If so, is pole dancing in night clubs, which also feature half-naked women, also a healthy and artistic activity?” Khairul Faizi asked.

He said that PAS is only “protecting” society from vice as studies have shown that among factors of sexual crimes are women’s revealing clothing and “bedroom antics which stimulate desire”.

PAS is also supported by Persatuan Belia Islam Malaysia (Pembina) which said that MCA’s statement is insensitive and extreme.

“I see this as an attempt by an extremists to label Islamic teachings as negative. It is out of line,” its president Azril Hanafi said in a statement.

PAS deems belly dancing ‘an insult to women’


Belly dancing flap shows PAS’ ‘backwardness’
5:06PM Jun 4, 2013

Segamat PAS’ reaction against a belly dancing event at a supermarket there showed that it would implement “ultra-conservative” and “backward” theocratic policies in Johor had Pakatan Rakyat won the state in the 13th general election.

NONEIn a statement today, Segamat MCA chief Dr Lee Hong Tee (left in photo) said that the censure by Segamat PAS chief Firdaus Masod also proved that PAS is an “authoritarian” when it comes to others’ values.

“Belly dancing is a healthy activity and theatrical performance. Since PAS considers belly dancing as having gone against what they deem as Malaysian norms, this shows PAS simply cannot tolerate any form of healthy artistic performances,” he said.

He said that had Pakatan taken over Johor, and placed a PAS leader as its menteri besar, such “anti-commercial” policies would have turned “economically-successful Johor into the next Kelantan”.

Belly dancing flap shows PAS’ ‘backwardness’

‘Belly dance’ in Segamat mall belies local norms

Harakahdaily, 03 June 2013

Jun 3: Organisers of an event at the One Segamat supermarket in Segamat, Johor, featuring scantily clad belly dancers strutting their stuff before an audience of all age groups, have been rapped for their insensitivity of local culture.

Segamat PAS chief Firdaus Masod in his reaction said the dance show last Saturday evening was not only against Malaysian norms, but also did not take into account its underage audience.

“This semi-naked dance show was presented in full view of some 500 people accompanied by children during peak time on a weekend evening,” he said in a statement.

He added that the event which saw a group of dancers clad in revealing outfits also drew the ire of the mall’s business owners, adding that the blasting music had drowned communication with their customers.

Firdaus urged the authorities including the local council to take stern action against the organisers for flaying public sensitivities.

Belly dance, which originates from the Middle East, is a type of dance focused on the movement of a woman’s bare hip, and normally caters to patrons of night clubs and bars in Arab cities.


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