Taiwan: Taipei’s 2022 New Year’s Eve Party and New Year celebration



眾所矚目「臺北最High新年城-2022跨年晚會」於31日晚間7時開始全程直播,重量級卡司有A-Lin、Lulu黃路梓茵、Tizzy Bac、木曜四超玩主持群、四分衛、告五人、旺福、茄子蛋、徐佳瑩、動力火車、梁靜茹、黃小琥,與你一同歡渡跨年嗨翻一整晚! 全部晚會精彩內容 絕對不容錯過 通通訂閱起來!

The much-anticipated "Taipei's Highest New Year City-2022 New Year's Eve Party" will be broadcast live at 7pm on the 31st. The heavyweight casts include A-Lin, Lulu Huanglu Ziyin, Tizzy Bac, Mu Yao four super play host group, and four points. Wei, Gao Wuren, Wangfu, Eggplant Egg, Xu Jiaying, Power Train, Liang Jingru, Huang Xiaohu, spend the New Year with you all night!
All the highlights of the party are definitely not to be missed! 






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