Man strolls down Oxford Street wearing nothing but a mask over his groin and a tattoo…





Masks are now compulsory in shops up and down the country, but one man made a mockery of the new rules today by fashioning one into a G-string and strutting along Oxford Street in the nude.  

Passersby in the capital looked on bemused as the naked man confidently made his way down the road wearing nothing but the improvised thong.

Many shoppers were seen going in and out of stores on the busy street today, but this particular man, sporting only the pale blue masks and a tattoo on his back, was difficult to miss.

The stunt came after brawls broke out in supermarket aisles across England today as shoppers confronted other customers for not wearing masks, while staff at a McDonald’s kicked out diners for not covering their faces.



LONDON, July 24 — A man strolled down central London’s most popular shopping street today with only a mask to cover his nudity, leaving passerbys astounded, amused and shocked.

As the man walked nonchalantly along Oxford Street, naked except for the light blue face mask over his groin, some took pictures on their phones while others simply stared.

It was unclear what prompted the stunt but masks became compulsory today in English shops.

A Reuters photographer caught a picture of the man from an office above the street. — Reuters


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