One day’s jail and RM8,000 fine for the woman with a pink wrist tag enjoying a meal at a restaurant at Bandar Meru Raya, Ipoh…


COVID-19 | A septuagenarian was jailed one day and fined RM8,000 after she pleaded guilty to breaching quarantine orders.

Nur Emah Mohamad Hashim, 72, will have to serve a six-month jail term in default if she fails to pay the fine.

The sentence was handed down by Ipoh magistrate Nabihah Mohd Noor.

Nur Emah was charged under Section 22(b) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988, which carries a punishment under Section 24(a) of the same Act.

Photographs of her dining out while wearing a pink wristband, denoting that she was under home quarantine orders, were widely shared online in late July.

She had been ordered to undergo a 14-day home quarantine after returning from overseas on July 4. She initially tested negative for Covid-19.

Those who undergo mandatory home quarantine have to remain at home for 14 days and take a second Covid-19 test on the 13th day.

The government is taking stern action against those who defy their home quarantine order.





Monday, 20 Jul 2020
3:39 PM MYT


IPOH: The state Health Department will investigate a viral message claiming that a patient-under-surveillance (PUS) for Covid-19 was seen having a meal at a shop near here.

State health director Datuk Dr Ding Lay Ming said it had been notified over the matter, adding that checks are underway to determine if indeed anyone has failed to adhere to the home surveillance order.

“The department has immediately taken action to investigate the complaint.

“If indeed we find that the viral message is true, then necessary legal action will be taken against the culprit,” she said.

The photograph of a woman wearing a pink tag on her wrist – which looks like the one from a hospital – and seen enjoying her meal has gone viral.

The viral message stated that woman, who is from Meru Heights, was having her meal at Bandar Meru Raya not far away from her house.


20 July 2020

Nurul Chu Hada Karim

4h · 

Since yesterday, I have actually felt bad. Feels not happy to sit. Oh God, once viral, there is a picture of aunt wearing pink wristband that KKM is mandatory for those who go back from abroad to wear and sit quietly in quarantine at home.

Once he ate at Kak Nurul’s cafe doing business 😣 it’s clear that he took pictures at the cafe. Showing the wristband. Please believe aunty! Can’t you stay at home? Are you still creeping?

Sis Nurul himself has collapsed the Perak State Health Department to ask about this aunt’s information. But can’t express what he said. They are still investigating this case.

This is 11.23 am like this, health officers came to the cafe to investigate my aunt’s case. Alhamdulillah the authorities are legalizing my aunt is not positively just looking for this aunt for legal action because she hit the KKM’s order.

Please don’t disturb people. Not one two know if you are positive!
Another meal shop. Oh my God
(it’s safe that aunty is confirmed negative and has passed quarantine period and has done the second time test, if it doesn’t impress us the businessmen. The name of our cafe. Thank God is still protected. ))

Whoever has information on this aunt please inform Sis Nurul ye! Help ease the search 🙏 He is sought for legal action purposes for hitting kkm instructions.

Edit additional info: Hanaz Cafe free from covid ye. We don’t have a closing order because our own self-employer is legitimate Auntie pink bracelet negative from covid. Auntie is looking for legal purposes for violating KKM’s instructions.  · See original  · Rate this translation


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