School reopens on July 15, and July 22…


“The education ministry has decided that students in Form One to Form Four and Year Five to Year Six will resume classes on Wednesday, July 15,” said Radzi in a press conference today.

“Meanwhile, students from Year One to Year Four will resume school on Wednesday, July 22.”

The education ministry last month said it would implement a one-metre gap between desks when schools eventually reopen, with surplus students placed in other classes.

Other measures outlined in the ministry’s 34-page guideline for the reopening of schools include temperature screening before entering the school compound, eating in the classrooms during recess in order to prevent overcrowding at canteens, and the provision of an isolation room for students who show Covid-19 symptoms to avoid the risk of transmission to others.

Radzi said due to capacity restrictions, classes will resume for primary and secondary students based on three models to ensure strict compliance with the SOPs.

The first model is for schools which have enough classes or space to place all their students in one session after taking into account social distancing.

The second model will allow schools to operate in two sessions (morning and afternoon).

The third session is for schools which do not have enough space to accommodate students in two sessions and will see their students taking turns to come to school.

Form Five and Six students will have to attend classes every day under this model, while students in Form One to Four will attend school in turns, according to their class.


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