Face masks…


A DOCTOR has urged the public to stop wearing masks with valves after warning that they can spark a “plume of infection” due the to high-velocity air flow.

PUBLISHED: 20:31, Tue, Jul 7, 2020 | UPDATED: 20:31, Tue, Jul 7, 2020

Dr Bharat Pankhania has urged the public to not wear face masks which have valves. He explained that such masks force an air flow which could create a plume of coronavirus. The expert said face coverings are best for use in public settings so long as they don’t have a valve. His warning comes as many countries have made wearing a mask compulsory when in public spaces.

Speaking to LBC, Dr Pankhania said: “We must not wear those masks with the valve out in public. We must not.

“Please anyone who is out there wearing those masks with a valve, stop using them.

“What you are doing with those masks is creating a high-velocity flow of air from the mouth out through the valve which could create a plume of infection.

“We must stop wearing those masks.”

“Leave the ‘super duper’ masks to the physicians.

“People going out buying masks with a valve, don’t do it. Just use ones which capture droplets from your nose and mouth.”





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