OutSyed The Box: Azmin to lose his head. Muhyiddin Yassin also at risk.



OutSyed The Box

Monday, February 24, 2020
New Twist : Azmin To Lose His Head, Muhyiddin Yassin Also At Risk

Ok folks, saya minta maaf. The events of the past 36 hours (+ and -) are not exactly what they have been made to appear. There has been some manipulation going on that is now becoming clearer.

Someone called me just now and gave me some info and requested if I can blog this. So here goes.

No 1. The resignation by Dr Mahathir as PM is real. It is not procedure. His resignation from Bersatu is also real. Meaning his resignation letters are valid. It is not drama. (Although Bersatu is having an emergency meeting tonite to ask Dr Mahathir to change his mind.)

Now for those of you who have been demanding that Dr Mahathir step down – well your wishes have come true. Dr Mahathir has resigned. He has now delivered on “the agreement” that he step down after one year, two years or whatever.

So since Dr Mahathir has resigned as Prime Minister and also resigned from Bersatu, it is now up to whoever wants to be the PM to go around the Members of Parliament and collect 112 MPs and you can be the new Prime Minister. There is a real JAWATAN KOSONG. Good luck to you.

So stop blaming Dr Mahathir for not stepping down. Dr Mahathir has stepped down.

No.2 It is now becoming evident that the events of the past 36 hours have been engineered by some people. The fingers are pointing at Azmin Ali and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The story is Dr Mahathir was not party to any of the plans behind that dinner at the Sheraton Hotel. Talk is Dr Mahathir was dead against any contact with all those UMNO crooks and the ostard wal retards who are either facing charges in Court or have suffered significant embarrassment – who were at that dinner at the PJ Sheraton.

How the dinner was engineered by Azmin Ali is detailed quite well by Sarawak Report here : http://www.sarawakreport.org/2020/02/malaysias-meltdown-moment-inside-story.

I have been told that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had a role in planning these events. Both Azmin and Muhyiddin were in a hurry to settle the succession issue.

YB Ong Kian Ming has released a brief and concise statement about the involvement of Azmin and Muhyiddin :

4.50pm: DAP lawmaker Ong Kian Ming accuses Azmin Ali of putting his political ambitions above the interests of the nation.

In a tweet this afternoon, in which he tagged Azmin, Ong adds: “At the moment when we are facing serious economic challenges, his ‘move’ has put the economic stimulus package in jeopardy…”

Ong also commended those at the Finance Ministry who have been working hard to come up with an economic stimulus package for the country “while the minister of economic affairs (Azmin) is fine with working with those who robbed the country…”

He says Azmin and Muhyiddin Yassin thought that they could hasten the change in government by the show of force last night at Sheraton but didn’t think that Dr Mahathir Mohamad wouldn’t play their game by resigning.

“It is obvious why Umno wanted to be part of this coup. Many of their leaders are being charged in court. It’s a blatant attempt to save their own ‘asses’. What is sad is that Azmin and Muhyiddin both think that this is okay,” he adds.

Ong Kian Ming’s statement is quite clear.

No. 3 However it appears that this “move” has backfired because Dr Mahathir has now quit (actually in protest).

The machinations by Azmin can be “expected” because he is fighting for his political survival. But I think Dr Mahathir was unhappy that people from his own party (Muhyiddin Yassin) had gone along with Azmin’s machinations without consulting Dr M (or the party).

No. 4 Having said that, this event has actually strengthened Dr M’s position. There is no one (other than Dr Mahathir) who has the majority support of the MPs in Parliament to form a new government. Anwar Ibrahim is out of the running.

Now everyone (DAP, PKR, Anwar Ibrahim, UMNO, Warisan, GPS etc) wants Dr Mahathir to come back as the PM.

There is a simple reason for this. If Parliament cannot present a candidate to the Agong, who has enough support to form the government then the Agong will have no choice but to dissolve Parliament and the country goes to the polls again.

Now for the first time in the history of independent Malaysia none of the political parties ie either Pakatan Harapan, BN, UMNO or PAS want to face the voters.

For the first time in our history ALL the political parties are afraid of us – the voters.

Because NONE of them are going to win big or even win at all if there is a snap election tomorrow.

None of us are going to vote for Pakatan Harapan.
None of us are going to vote for UMNO or PAS.

If there is a snap election now, we really cannot predict a clear cut winner.

I believe if there is a snap poll I can stand as an independent candidate in Lembah Pantai and maybe win. Or at least put up a stiff fight.

Independent candidates have the best chances of winning in the next elections – especially if it is a snap poll.

So none of the political parties wants to face the Malaysian voters who are angry at ALL the political parties.

None of them wants a snap election or General Election. Especially not PAS after that RM90 million free money and those RM400,000 Mercedes Benzes.

So now they have really no choice but ask Dr Mahathir to come back.

No. 5 This is where it gets exciting. When Dr Mahathir comes back he is not bound by any of the earlier pacts and agreements anymore. He will only come back on his own terms.

The entire Cabinet has been dissolved.
All the Ministers have lost their jobs.

This is where the talk is that when a new Cabinet is formed, Azmin Ali is going to be left out. He also does not have a party anymore. I believe this is the end of the road for Azmin.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is also on the endangered list.
Muhyiddin may not make it either.

Dr Mahathir will be back with a clean slate.

No. 6 Questions have also arisen how Azmin (or who?) paid for that expensive dinner at the Sheraton Hotel PJ? Azmin is no more a member of PKR. He is not a member of Bersatu (although Muhyiddin is the party president). But Azmin was the host. Muhyiddin was a guest.

So who paid for that dinner?
Did they pay cash?
Paid using credit card?

Or in the Azmin style was it a ‘makan dulu, nanti bayar’ type of dinner?

Cik Latheefah may want to look into this.
Was there any taxpayers money involved?

No. 7 In the meantime the country is leaderless. Officially there is no Prime Minister in Malaysia. Dr Mahathir is now just an interim PM.

Parliament does not convene again until March 9th 2020.
That is 14 DAYS away !!
How can a country like Malaysia NOT HAVE a PM for 14 days?

And “interim prime minister” for 14 days sounds a tad too long.
There is no Constitutional provision for an interim PM.
We have ‘caretaker PM’ when Parliament is dissolved for general elections.

The big difference is this is not a General Election.
Our present ‘interim PM’ has resigned from his post.
With no signs of retracting his resignation.

Folks the country’s affairs must be managed 24/7.
I received the following via WhatsApp too.

‘Running a country is a 365 days and 24/7 operation. Persatuan Restoran Nasi Kandar 24 Jam has come forward to assist in running the country in the interim until a new Prime Minister is appointed.’

Melayu takkan hilang di dunia,
selagi ada mamak untuk membela nasibnya
Syed Akbar Ali at 10:24:00 PM
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