The Address, Taman Desa Condominium: Don’t blame Teresa Kok!


Yoursay: Don’t blame Kok for cock-ups by BN gov’t

YoursayPublished: 6:31 amA+A

YOURSAY | ‘Kok probably did not expect to be thrust into the eye of the storm…’

Teresa Kok heckled when visiting site of Taman Desa condo construction mishap

JB King: Why are the residents blaming Primary Industries Minister and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok for the mistakes of her predecessors?

What is the basis for blaming her for decisions taken before Pakatan Harapan was voted into government in 2018?

Lion King: Indeed, why blame Kok for the current situation? The project was approved by the BN government and MCA was part of the ruling coalition at the time.

I See You: Kok should stop harping on her failure to stop the development project in the past when she was in the opposition.

Now that she is with the ruling coalition and the cabinet, she should focus on acting quickly and decisively to fix the bad situation concerning The Address development project.

MCA also seems to conveniently forget that it is equally responsible for allowing the project to be approved during its watch when BN was in power.

Apalah: This is a golden opportunity for Kok to do something for Taman Desa folks, which is in her Seputeh constituency.

Since this is a major issue of a collapse of a building under construction, she should get the help of Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad to order the Kuala Lumpur mayor to issue an indefinite stop-work order and order an investigation on not just the collapse, but on the entire project itself.

Then, the Taman Desa folks and the public can see and hear transparently the issues regarding this project and put in their recommendations for Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to act upon. That’s what the people want.

NNFC: The Address condominium project in Taman Desa and its developer should be put through thorough scrutiny to ensure that both meet the standards required for building such developments.

Quigonbond: As vocal residents’ representative Khong KY is alleged to be a former DAP Seputeh branch member, he probably has an axe to grind with Kok.

What Kok can do to counter the residents’ criticism is to point out which residents’ committees she has been meeting and talking to, and explain her interaction and recommendations to DBKL to show she continues to care about the overcrowding in Taman Desa and the building collapse issues.

The Seputeh constituency is very big. Since Kok won in the parliamentary constituency comfortably in the last general election, the words and action of a section of Taman at Desa residents won’t be enough to oust her in GE15.

It will be her performance as a minister and her action in the cabinet with her fellow DAP ministers that will determine her future.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has done her no favours with his recent spat with India, which has placed Kok in a difficult position to boost the export of palm oil, which is under her ministry’s portfolio.

JW: I don’t get it. Why are people like Taman Desa residents Khong and Valerie Low only seem to be making a big fuss after the building collapse?

There is also the mentality among a certain section of the public that DAP representatives are expected to do everything and solve all the problems in the country right now. Even right the wrongs of the MCA when it was in the ruling government.

The residents cited in the report failed to point out that the problems with the development project had started when BN was still in power.

Their anger at DAP and Harapan seems misplaced as it was the previous administration that gave approval to the project in the first place.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Harapan should state it clearly that this project received the green light from the BN regime. Why should Harapan be left holding the problem and become the punching bag of the public?

Tell the people in no uncertain terms that the previous government is to blame for this shambolic project. Is that so difficult?

Clever Voter: Kok probably did not expect to be thrust into the eye of the storm following the collapse of the unfinished building.

But residents in the area are sore with the decision to approve the controversial condo project, and they probably could not care less which government gave the go-ahead. To them, as in the case with the rest of the country, the authorities are the same.

The authorities, and this includes the government, should be seen as one serving the public, provide empathy and be there when they are needed.

Kok needs no reminder regarding the underlying feelings of her voters, and she should be reminded, together with her DAP mates, that if the current feelings of her residents are translated into votes, all of them will be thrown out in three years’ time.

Anonymous 770241447347646: Why turn an incident of the collapse of a section of a building into a political fight? As far as the collapse is concerned, it is a straightforward issue.

The collapse can be either due to the laying of a higher floor without the concrete holding it underneath having dried or some other technical or structural reasons which the engineers can discover.

So, let us get down to the bottom of the real cause of the collapse. Those responsible must be taken to task.

As for the politician not doing her job or attending to her constituents, it will be decided at GE15.

The opposition and those with their own agenda are now trying to milk this issue for their own personal or political agenda.

Anonymous_cdb4fb5d: Instead of heckling Kok and playing politics, the Taman Desa residents should take advantage of the building collapse to urge the authorities to look into several hard-hitting questions.

The land originally belonged to Tenaga Nasional (TNB) and was only designated as a green lung for the area. So, why did TNB sell the land to a private developer?

Why did the land office allow the utility land to be converted to residential land? Why didn’t the DBKL and the then Federal Territories minister oppose this project?

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Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020 11:34 AM MYT


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — The slew of development problems faced by Taman Desa residents is a result of the many problematic decisions made by former Federal Territories minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok said today.

Following the partial collapse of condominium construction project The Address there, Kok who is also primary industries minister said she had vehemently opposed the Umno man, also known as Ku Nan, when she was in the Opposition.

“When I was the opposition MP prior to GE14, I have vigorously and vehemently criticised Tengku Adnan and DBKL for approving all these high-density projects,” Kok said in a Facebook post after meeting residents there.

“I have even hit out that he and DBKL has committed a grave sin when this project was approved by him and DBKL then.

“As a result of his intransigence then, today, the residents in Taman Desa are forced to suffer the consequences of the sins committed by the former FT minister and the then mayor,” she added.

Kok had met with the residents committee from One Desa, Desa Eight and Faber Tiara Condominium, as well as Taman Desa Residents Associations yesterday.

General view of Phase 1 of The Address condominium project (right) in Taman Desa February 15, 2020. — Picture by Hari Anggara
General view of Phase 1 of The Address condominium project (right) in Taman Desa February 15, 2020. — Picture by Hari Anggara

Some of the complaints she received include the fact that the land The Address Condominium is being developed on was originally earmarked as a TNB reserve and it is very close to a school and other condominiums.

The residents of Faber Tiara had also “been tormented” by the “nuisance and danger” of objects falling into their compound from the condominium’s construction.

Residents also told her that the access roads to the current entrances of One Desa and Desa Eight actually belong to the developer of The Address, rather than the respective developments.

“I fully understand the agony and the fury of all the residents. They are worried about their safety and especially more, after this mishap. I am in full sympathy with them,” Kok said.

On Saturday, the Department of Occupational Safety and Health started an investigation into the partial collapse of a 37-storey condominium under construction in Taman Desa, Jalan Klang Lama on the day before.

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said the condominium developer’s advertising permit and developer licence was also suspended pending the investigation.

Aerial view of the slab collapse at The Address condominium project in Taman Desa February 15, 2020. — Picture by Hari Anggara
Aerial view of the slab collapse at The Address condominium project in Taman Desa February 15, 2020. — Picture by Hari Anggara


Malay Mail@malaymail

Minister says objected to overdevelopment of Taman Desa back in 2017

Monday, 17 Feb 2020 05:14 PM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 — Seputeh Member of Parliament Teresa Kok said she had raised concerns and objections over excessive development around the Taman Desa area back in 2017.

She said together with Taman Desa Residents Association, they had started a petition to protest the building of new condominiums and had called on Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to review all new projects in Taman Desa then.

Kok said the petition also opposed the 37-storey condominium project where part of its structure collapsed last Friday, trapping two Bangladesh workers who were later rescued.

“I was informed by DBKL that the building plan approval was given on June 2017 and the project started work on Feb 2018. I have no say in all of these, I did not approve the project,” she added.

“So, to say that I ran away from responsibility and ignored the people of Taman Desa is definitely wrong. We have opposed the over-development with a petition (back then),” she told reporters when met at the site of the incident here today.

“So, to say that I ran away from responsibility and ignored the people of Taman Desa is definitely wrong. We have opposed the over-development with a petition (back then),” she told reporters when met at the site of the incident here today.


Teresa Kok heckled when visiting site of Taman Desa condo construction mishap

Wong Kai Hui
Published: Feb 17th, 2020  |  Modified: Feb 17th, 2020A+A

While visiting the site of The Address condominium in Taman Desa which had suffered a major construction mishap, DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok was heckled by several residents from nearby condominiums.

As the construction of the partially-collapsed condominium was ordered to stop pending investigation and outsiders are not allowed to enter the site, Kok addressed the media outside the site after her arrival.

Kok responded to criticism from MCA spokesperson Chan Quin Er by stressing that the project was approved before Pakatan Harapan came into power.

“The development order (DO) of the project was approved by DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) on March 13, 2017, the building plan was approved on June 19, 2017.

“Construction started in February 2018. All these were from before my time (being in the ruling government), I had no say on the approval,” she said.

Kok said that she opposed the over-development in the area together with the residents, citing a petition by her constituency office and Taman Desa Residents Association (TDRA) in 2017.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker stressed that she is not in a position to comment about the incident pending investigation by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (Dosh).

Representatives from DBKL and TDRA president Wong Chan Choy were present at the site with Kok.

A few residents tried to interrupt and raised their criticism when Kok spoke to the media. However, they were stopped from asking further questions.

Kok promised some of the residents that she would meet them at a later time before leaving.

Five of the residents told the media later that they had failed to receive any response from Kok’s office when they invited her to attend a town hall meeting organised by the Protect Taman Desa Coalition.

“She should have spent some time with us. We have been trying to have a town hall meeting with her for the past two-and-a-half years,” said Khong KY (photo, right), who identified himself as former deputy chairperson of Seputeh DAP branch.

An aide to Teresa Kok was also involved in an exchange of words with Khong, shouting: “Were you kicked out from the party?”

Yesterday, Khong held a press conference with several MCA leaders including party spokesperson and Seputeh division vice-president Chan Quin Er complaining about Kok neglecting the people’s interest.

Yesterday, the Protect Taman Desa Coalition held a press conference complaining about Kok neglecting the people’s interests as well as urging the government to publish the findings of the investigation into the collapse once completed. 

Also present at the press conference were several MCA leaders including the party’s spokesperson and Seputeh division vice-president Chan Quin Er.

Meanwhile, another Taman Desa resident, Valerie Low told the press that the land on which The Address is situated was planned as a green lung in the Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020 (KLCP 2020).

“The construction is very near to Tiara Faber, and sometimes there are things falling into our compound,” she said.

Low lives in Tiara Faber condo which is located adjacent to The Address condo.

Upon completion, The Address will comprise three towers of 30-storeys each on a narrow strip of land which was once Tenaga Nasional Bhd reserve land.

“We have been trying to talk to YB (Teresa Kok), we are the constituents, why doesn’t she give us some time? […] When we started trying to get a dialogue with her, it was not like this, where we are now so antagonistic, (because) we are upset.”

Some residents claimed that some workers are still going in and out of The Address although there is a stop-work order and the main door to the site was sealed.




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