It looks like the Roti John joke is fake and has been around since 2018. The Minister is not Mat Sabu…




Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu did not make fun of a senior foreign official’s name, said his press aide Amin Iskandar.

He was responding to speculation that it was the Amanah president who uttered the remark since it was said to have been made during a security meeting.

Furthermore, Mohamad, who is known as Mat Sabu, is also famous for his culinary skills.

“It was not the defence minister,” said Amin.

“If the author (of the article which related the incident) had mentioned the minister’s name, we would have sued him. But he did not name the minister,” he told Malaysiakini this evening.

Yesterday, an article in The Star had mentioned the alleged incident.

According to the author, a diplomat had told him about the minister meeting a high-ranking official in his country.

“Your minister said: ‘Your name is John. In my country, there’s roti John. If you come to my country, I can cook roti John for you’, ” the article quoted the diplomat as saying.

The author, who could not ascertain if the diplomat was joking or being serious, said the invitation had failed to impress the official because the meeting concerned a serious security matter.

Meanwhile, Mohammad’s predecessor Hishammuddin Hussein is hoping that the incident is untrue.

“I hope this story is false. If true, it is most disheartening, what more when it took place during a meeting to discuss global security (issues).

“I have one piece of advice for Pakatan Harapan ministers. If you cannot make the nation proud, at least don’t do things which can soil our reputation in the world’s eye,” he added.

Yesterday, former youth and sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin also posted the article on social media, with the question: “Wonder which minister?”

Not wanting to be left out, former premier Najib Abdul Razak also re-tweeted Malaysiakini’s article on the issue, with the question “Mat, you know Roti John?” in an apparent reference to Mohamad.







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