What do you think a new Minister of Education will do?

There’s a lot of speculation as to who will the new Minister of Education be.

And what the Minister will introduce…


1. The new Minister won’t be Chinese. Not even a Muslim Chinese.

Why? Malay NGOs will go rabid and demonstrate! PAS and Umno won’t accept it.

2. The new Minister won’t be from the DAP.

Why? Every idiot and his friend will demonstrate every weekend. PAS and Umno will say that it’s more evidence that DAP controls the Govt.

The VVIPs who demonstrated against LGE when he was announced as the Finance Minister will demonstrate again.

3. The New Minister will likely be from PPBM, maybe from PKR. It will be a Malay.


What will the new Minister?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Here are suggestions from friends, and they are not jesting.

1. Pink shoes for girls and blue shoes for boys.

2. Songkok for boys on Thursday.

3. Sarong for boys on Friday.

4. More pages of Jawi-khat.

5. Ban all non Muslim religious groups in school.



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