4th letter from Carol Jennifer Soars to Dr Mahathir…


Dear Dr Mahathir.

I’ve been staring at two photographs all morning. One that we all will remember, has you waving a letter to the Agung, post GE14 , and you are surrounded by your newly named cabinet. Everyone was smiling. Everyone was so happy.

Now the second picture is you at the Malay Dignity Congress . You had your arms raised again. But this time you were surrounded by the organisers of this congress. And again you were smiling. The organisers looked like cats who had just been at the cream. They all looked so proud of themselves. Actually, so did you. You had just delivered a speech calling the Malays lazy. And then in the same speech, telling the non Malays that they had outstayed their welcome. That they were only brought into this country for a specific purpose, but that they did not go back to their original countries as they were supposed to do, once that purpose had been fulfilled.

A right royal colonial screwup, it seems.

My question for you Sir, is how did you get from the saviour of my people, post GE14, to a full-on racist at a Malay Dignity Congress, in just one year? I mean, we always knew you wanted to be a pure Malay for so long, if there was even a possibility that that fact existed for you at all. But this…..this is an outrage. This Sir, is no less than an open declaration of your racialism. What possibly otherwise could have gone through your mind that day, that you were willing to compromise your own sense of dignity? Did you lose it all through osmosis or have you not ever had one respectful bone in your body to begin with? The thing is , I really want to believe, that the latter cannot be true. We’ve seen you humbled and humane, although on hindsight lately, we have missed seeing the great statesman we were used to seeing before. So it has to be osmosis, the saturated potato experiment coming to mind. It has to be, as it’s only been a year since you lifted arms with your new multi racial cabinet.

Yet, here you are now, curled up in bed with the most bigoted of the lot, academicians to boot. Imagine how incongruous both those pictures are.

By the way, by your own admission, you do have Indian blood. Found an article where you admitted to it. Just thought I’d remind you. Not to worry though. You, like every one else on this planet has red blood flowing through your veins, whatever race you are.

A Malay Dignity Congress

You know, Sir. When this congress on Malay dignity was announced, I was thinking. This could be it…..the coming together of great minds to put the dignity and meritocracy back into academia. I thought maybe there would be a declaration or a pledge to tell the rest of us, that our universities were going to revamp, and that you all, including you ,Sir, were ready to accept responsibility for the declining academic standards. So it was alarming that pre conference Zainal Kling gave us an inkling into what the Malaysian academia had really deteriorated into. And so, as he spewed through his venomous speech, we got an idea as to what unadulterated racial bigotry sounds like. But because, I’m cringing as I write this, I’ll take a break and backtrack a tad.

Flashback: Post GE -14
A saviour maligned

The euphoria settling as a “new” nation, we now wanted to get the machinery moving. We all remember the hours you spent waiting for your swearing in at the Istana by the last Agung, post GE14. We were so angry that he had no respect for you. So okay, we knew the history between you two, but those watching the live telecast and waiting for you to be sworn in, were furious. We saw how tired you were and we needed our dignified statesman to be sworn in. We sent you messages of love. We cried when we saw you cry. Anyway, finally you were sworn in and a great nation rejoiced. We rejoiced because we had won a huge battle, or so we thought. We then we thought, perhaps that at least, we had won the battle against kleptocracy. Again, was this an illusion too? I mean, these guys are still free, aren’t they?

But Sir, the truth is there was another reason we were rooting for you. We were ecstatic because you came into power on a promise. Your promised to undo and heal the 60 years of unfair practices. And we believed you because that promise came from a saviour. And saviours do not lie.

Now on hindsight, what fools we were to believe you. Giddy on your mercurial rise to power, instead of keeping your promise you began your final war march on the non Malays, once more eroding and chiseling and shaming us using your favourite rhetoric. So sad that it is all rhetoric. Some of the following is what you stated in your speech at that conference on dignity. The other words have been spoken on different platforms. But they all serve to attempt to remove our dignity. The gist of your rhetoric is always the same.

◾we allowed you to stay after the British left
◾we gave you opportunities to do business
◾we allowed vernacular schools to exist
◾we allowed TAR college to be set up
◾we allowed you to buy land to build temples and churches
◾we allowed missionary schools to be set up
(God, I wish I wrote music. Then these words could be the chorus of a dirge .)

So, instead of addressing this hate rhetoric, throughout this last one year, voices of dissent have been silenced with threats or reminders of racial unrest. Religious bigotry has a new stronghold with the likes of a fugitive Indian. The one you don’t intend to hand over. And each day you stick a knife into the mix and twist it into the guts of the non Malays with the following policies introduced:

❗An increased quota into Matriculation for Malays.
❗No increase in the non Malay quota for university entries, and no new merit based
policies introduced. Instead, the new buzz word….”needs based” policy.
❗Allowing more racial undertones to proliferate with the introduction of Khat.
❗No allocations in the new budget for TAR college, a college that is so needed for
poor Chinese students. Ah, but then, you say, there are no poor Chinese.
❗Rounding up, using Sosma, Indians who are suspected of being LTTE
sympathizers. LTTE is now a defunct organization that has been removed from
Interpol’s terrorist list. You’ve sanctioned this. How come your police have not
arrested those at the dignity conference who openly hurled insults at the Chinese and Indians by announcing in their hate speeches that Malaysia is for the Malays.

How come Zainal Kling has not be arrested for inciting hate. This is a bigger evil in our multi racial society? Surely this too should come under SOSMA. And while
we are on the topic of Sosma, isn’t Sosma one of the things you promised would be revoked in your manifesto. I mean you were elected on that manifesto.

So, a selective truth once more? Not looking good for you, Sir.

❗Bringing home 40 known IS terrorists who helped commit genocide and whom
the police claim will be tried. This group of people (IS sympathizers) are still on
the Interpol radar as terrorists . Will the police also be bringing in Yazidi witnesses
for their trials. These guys committed genocide.
❗Bullying a young lad who had just graduated and who had the guts to take on 5000 attendees of a dignity congress by asking for his VC to step down for being part of that congress. University Malaya was one of the organisers of that shameful congress. He exercised his rights to protest such an openly hostile and racially biased congress.

You Sir, were also part of that congress. You, the Prime Minister of my multi racial country could have put a stop to it.

However, not only did you attend , you joined hands with them.

I’m sure that even you would agree that allowing the congress to have gone on in the manner it did, is tantamount to condoning it.

So where are we going to from here, my good doctor? What do I want ?

Before we get to that, remember this.

We are no longer the same people we were last year. In this last one year we have all grown up. No stars in our eyes any more. If you looked into the eyes of many of your people you will no longer see tears. You will no longer see hope. You murdered hope. But you will see will power and strength and perseverance in the eyes of every Chinese , every Indian, as well as in the eyes of those others, the Sikhs, the Punjabis, the Sabahans and the Sarawakians, the Eurasions, the “ lain,lain”, and yes, many, many, many great Malays. ( No, not the ones who want more, not those ones at the dignity congress, but the ones who want more for us, the ones who know how hard we’ve worked, the ones who want more for Malaysia, the ones who themselves had to struggle without the handouts, the ones who never got or needed a contract, the ones who never stretched their hands out to beg or needed the “tongkat”, the ones who entered universities and colleges on merit, the true academics, and the true God fearing and tolerant Muslims who live by their creed.)

And now, Sir. Let me tell you what our dignified Malays already have, but still want more of. They already have
▪90% of all Government jobs
▪90% of all Government contracts
▪At least 85% of all quasi government jobs ( Hospitals, Telekoms, Tenaga)
▪Malay Colleges
▪80% population in the universities
▪Malay/Muslim only universities
▪Discounts on buying property
▪Malay Reserve land

In spite of all the above, these dignified Malays continue to blame the non Malays for
🔹their lost dignity
🔹their failed businesses
🔹their inability to compete in the private sector
🔹the condition of the poor Malays
🔹their control over private education
🔹causing segregation due to vernacular schools

So, finally Sir. What do I want? What do all self- respecting Malaysians want.?

Well for starters:
❤We want peace to get on with our lives as we have always done. We don’t need your handouts. We’ve got where we are today on our own. We will continue in like manner. Adversity put ‘hairs on our chests’ to coin a phrase. We non Malays, we are a pretty hardy lot. After all, we have survived you and your cronyism followed by kleptocracy for 50 years now. None of us got any of your billions. Or do you have a plan to share some of it with those of us who fought for this country’s independence.

❤We want those ‘dignified’ Malays to STOP with the hate speeches and for those who continue with such vile racism , to be treated as the traitors they deserve to be. Lock them up. For starters, you , Sir, should sack the ‘ruddy’ lot. At the very least demote them. Make an example of them. Make racism and any form of religious bigotry, a punishable crime. Haul the lot of them off to jail. Racist vermin, the lot!

❤Hands off TAR college. The non Malays couldn’t get into your universities. So Chinese businessmen, reading the situation, took a calculated risk and gave the poor Chinese community a head-start. So tell those dignified Malays to keep their ‘cotton picking fingers”, off. They have all the Public Universities at their feet. Hands off our private education. It’s none of their beeswax how the rest of us got educated. For fifty years nobody cared a hoot. Why the “red eye” now. (Ngan Hoong/Envy)

❤The non Malays opened stalls in markets and in restaurants to eek out a living, just so their children could further their education overseas. Some of these parents are still in debt. Their children couldn’t get choice scholarships from the Government. These children only had what is known in some circles as “mother/father” scholarships. What are you going to do to help these poor people. What’s the plan, Sir. Will you help some of them to get out of debt.

❤Enough with calling us “pendatang”. We are as much citizens as that dignified lot are too. In fact, we have as much right to this country as you have. Would you not agree?

This is my last appeal to your better side, Sir. The ball is now in your court. You can make it better, or you can watch things slip through you fingers. Be warned though, that you are in bed with racist and bigot bedfellows. Not the company you should be keeping at your tender age.

Carol Jennifer Soars
(A fellow pendatang
Firmly entrenched as a Malaysian
For all time)


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1 Response to 4th letter from Carol Jennifer Soars to Dr Mahathir…

  1. Edward Lye says:

    He’s a grandfather with one weak spot: Ineza Roussille, his granddaughter. Siti Hasmah has refrained from influencing him. Marina couldn’t. Ineza might succeed. God save us all.Craft a bold letter to her. Is she willing to do the dance of the seven veils to save the country?

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