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Dear Dr Mahathir, contrary to your opinion, the one million were deserving of citizenship. The Tunku was right

.. . https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/497348#.XbLzZsRgmmA.twitter . MALAYSIAN CITIZENSHIP: One million met criteria

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G-Dragon, King of K-pop…

.. 3,000 fans turn up to welcome BigBang singer G-Dragon's return to civilian life after army stint https://t.co/7oCcib8pt5 — The Straits Times (@STcom) October 27, 2019 https://twitter.com/Sailor_Sad_92/status/1187548975311794181?s=19https://twitter.com/RoseMar33079791/status/1187553152205283329?s=19

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Senator Josh Hawley likens Hong Kong to the Berlin of 50 years ago…

. "Sometimes, in the course of history, the fate of one city defines the challenge of an entire generation. 50 years ago that city was Berlin. Today that city is Hong Kong." @HawleyMO #StandWithHongKong pic.twitter.com/l6aCR2oNgO — Studio Incendo (@studioincendo) October … Continue reading

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25 October 2019. Palm oil prices are up and will still go up, contrary to the lies of the Opposition…


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Will Syed Saddiq declare open season on PKR over Azmin Ali’s remarks about Mahathir? As he did with the DAP over Ronnie Liu’s remarks…

.. So pipit @SyedSaddiq , are you going to mobilize you Bersatu gangsters to attack Azmin of PKR after viewing the video below? pic.twitter.com/pYggePlzx3 — Peaceful Malaysia? (@MalaysianAlways) October 25, 2019 ..

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In Singapore: Furious woman strips off her clothes right there on the road!

. Singaporean.https://t.co/JS0yz3aq0z — ComplexSimonThong (@ComplexThong) October 25, 2019 https://m.facebook.com/roadssg/videos/564025201005316/?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2F701306079901798%2Fposts%2F2840887429276975%2F&_rdr . . https://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2019/10/25/woman-in-singapore-arrested-for-stripping-in-public-after-altercation-in-middle-road

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When Dr Mahathir spins on the Malay Dignity Congress, he is most impressive but why aren’t we impressed?

. Tun M is just being a Sith. I mean this is par for the course. Kids, this is what we old people told you about 3 years ago. We are glad you guys can experience the same thing we … Continue reading

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Karpal Singh: The Problem of Racism – Apr 19, 2013 1:01pm | Facebook

Karpal Singh: The Problem of Racism (received via WhatsApp) pic.twitter.com/CtUgLUphjF — ComplexSimonThong (@ComplexThong) October 25, 2019 https://m.facebook.com/KarpalSinghDAP/videos/4686110399689/ . . https://weehingthong.org/2013/01/22/bible-burning-alarming-to-say-the-least-explosive-it-could-become/

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Najib’s comic…


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Who is Mohd Zahid Mat Arip, who delivered “salam” (cash) to Isa Samad? He is the political secretary of the PM, Dr Mahathir!

.. Dalam kes pertuduhan rasuah Isa Samad, Muhammad Zahid Md Arip yang dikatakan menjadi orang tengah dalam penyaluran rasuah bernillai 3 juta, kalau tak silap dia sekarang adalah Setiausaha Politik kepada Perdana Menteri @chedetofficial betul tak @PMOMalaysia ? 50 10:28 … Continue reading

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