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From the Hong Kong Protest…

… 1021晚 一名11歲男童在元朗大棠路哭,記者上前詢問 我好驚,但是,香港人就是要企出來反對, 如果大家都驚的話,大家怎麼可以行到這一步,香港怎麼可以堅持到這麼久 媽媽是藍絲 大家有爭執 。這是第一次出來說:“這個是良心” 以前老師教我們警察是維護法紀,現在他們來做咩也! 為什麼哭,因為我惱 pic.twitter.com/Xz7HvRvQLB — Cindy (@cindywei2017) October 21, 2019 The real Mulan in Hong Kong An umbrella strapped to her back, flowers in one hand, metal rod in another. One person against … Continue reading

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If the word “equitable” is communist, Shahidan Kassim, doesn’t that make Najib Razak, Umno, BN and you communist?

.. . https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2019/10/21/uproar-in-dewan-rakyat-as-shahidan-labels-2020-budget-communist/

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Tripzilla ranks Singapore as World’s Best City for Street Food. Malaysia is not in the list of Top 20.

.. Singapore Has Just Been Ranked as World’s Best City For Street Food

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