We’re coming to put out your fire but…!!! Bomba shares video of fire engine blocked by cars.

Bayangkan sekiranya situasi sebegini yang harus dilalui oleh Anggota Penyelamat hanya kerana SIKAP PEMANDU yang pentingkan diri sendiri dengan memandu di Lorong Kecemasan.

Sekadar paparan agar menjadi Iktibar dan UBAHLAH SIKAP kita demi masyarakat bersama…

Berkongsi bersama….

Imagine if this kind of a situation that had to go rescue members only by being a selfish with driving in the hallway anxiety.
Just plain view in order to become and change our attitude by society together…
Share with….


Monday, 14 March 2016 | MYT 9:30 PM

Bomba shares video of fire engine blocked by cars


PETALING JAYA: Imagine being stuck behind a never-ending stream of vehicles in standstill traffic, when you are in a fire engine rushing to an emergency situation.

The Fire and Rescue Department posted a video on Monday of a fire engine being blocked by vehicles driving in the emergency lane along an unidentified highway.

“Imagine a situation where rescue personnel are required to pass through, but selfish drivers, who only think about themselves, are seen driving in the emergency lane,” it said on their Facebook page.

“We are merely sharing this as a lesson and to help change attitudes for the betterment of society,” it said.

The video showed trucks, lorries, cars and vans in standstill traffic, with several vehicles driving on the emergency lane.

In the one-minute long video, sirens can be heard blaring and a fireman is seen using a public address system to alert drivers to give way.

Some vehicles managed to move out of the way, but a number of cars were still blocking the path of the frustrated rescue team.


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