Dog in the trolley: At times, dog owners are unthinking and inconsiderate.


I like dogs but I don’t like the idea of a dog in a trolley. I don’t even like the sight of a dog sitting on a chair on the sidewalk of a coffee shop. It’s a matter of hygiene.

200 Trolleys Cleaned After Pet Dog Was Spotted In A Trolley At Bentong Supermarket

Published on Thursday, 07 June 2018 12:09

The photo attached in the post shows a dog sitting next to its owner’s groceries inside the trolley parked at one of the aisles in the supermarket.

theSundaily reports that in this instance, netizens were more concerned about hygiene than about religious sensitivity as the majority of those who were critical of the act were non-Muslims.

“I am a non-Muslim and also own a dog but even I know the dos and don’ts when it comes to situations involving pets – and trust me, bringing my dog to a supermarket or restaurant is a big DON’T,” the local daily quoted a netizen named Mary.

“Housepets are house-trained … not supermarket or restaurant trained! When pets are in strange unknown places, they might pee or poo out of fear,” said another netizen, Nelly.

Following the incident, TF Value-Mart issued a statement on Tuesday stressing that pets are not allowed on its premises.

“We at TF Value-Mart are regretful over the incident where a pet dog was photographed in one of our trolleys yesterday (Monday).

“We would like to clarify that TF Value-Mart does not allow pets to be brought into our premises,” the statement on Facebook read.

Can’t believe why there are stupid people like this to put their dog into the trolley.. People put food in there….

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So insensitive ley carry dog in shopping trolley

3h3 hours ago

Bangsa dalam gambar = Kurang ajar Bangsa yang comment = Bangang Bangsa yang tweet ni = Tepuk tangan

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Tesco apologises for dog-in-trolley incident

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 (新山6日訊)女顧客攜愛犬進霸市購物,狗兒乍看還在手推車撒尿,掀起輿論,儘管有網友質疑該圖是捏造,但霸市工作人員連夜收集500輛手推車,按宗教方法用泥水沖洗!  一名貌似華裔女顧客昨午被網友拍到使…

Johan Jdt added 4 new photosfeeling thankful with Zara Jdt at Tesco Extra Plentong.

Tolong menghormati sentiment pengguna lain. Ini bukanlah perkauman, bangsa sesuatu pihak atau agama tetapi ini adalah perbuatan kesalahan individu yang tidak perihatin akan persekitaran.

Binatang peliharaan tidak dibenarkan dibawa masuk didalam shopping mall, lebih lebih lagi haiwan bernajis disisi penganut Agama Islam.

Kejadian ini berlaku di Tesco Extra Plentong. Harap perkara ini tidak akan berulang lagi.

Terima kasih kepada pihak Tesco Plentong kerana telah mengambil langkah menyamak semua trolley bagi menjamin kesucian & kebersihan pengguna lain.

Well done, good job to Management & Staff Tesco Extra Plentong.

Google translate:

Please respect the sentiment of other users. This is not racism, racial or religious party but this was the guilt of individuals who are not concerned for the environment.

Pets are not allowed in the shopping mall, even more unclean animals on the religion of Islam.

This scene takes place in the Tesco Extra Plentong. Hope this will not happen again.

Thanks to the Tesco Plentong for having taken cover all trolley to ensure the purity and cleanliness of other users.

Well done, good job to Management & Staff Tesco Extra Plentong.

Johan Jdt's photo.
Johan Jdt's photo.
Johan Jdt's photo.
Johan Jdt's photo.

This is Tesco Pelentong. IS DOG ALLOWED INTO Tesco premise?

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Tesco has apologised, what about that amoi who brought the dog? Is she going to apologise or is she a retard?

Malaysian Insider

Tesco apologises for dog-in-trolley incident

– See more at:

Irresponsible Dog Owner Takes Her Pet in Tesco

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Happened at a Tesco in Johor Bharu. The dog peed as well. Sometimes it’s owners like this who give bad name to dogs!

A Fortress Of Fur's photo.

This was captured in Tesco Plentong, Johor Bharu. A netizen on Facebook called Sharafazleen, uploaded this image with the caption:

“Bawak anjing jalan2 ke ape??? Letak dalam troli. Siap terkencing lagi!!”

Those who claimed this photo is fake and abused the person who posted it, please apologise because Tesco Malaysia has now CONFIRMED that the incident took place.

Ok now, let’s be practical. First of all don’t go hating on dogs. It’s never the dog’s fault, it’s the owner! As a person who loves dogs and all animals in general, even I feel this is something really foolish to do. Before we talk about this being insensitive to Muslims, we need to understand that regardless of religion, not everyone loves dogs. There are a lot of people who are afraid of dogs. People with cynophobia, dogphobics, children, you name them. Not everyone can accept the presence of dogs in public places like a hypermarket in this case. This is why even in western countries pets are not allowed in many places.

In fact, some people will have hygiene concerns to have a dog sitting inside a trolley. Simply because this is the same trolley customers will put their chicken, various other meat products, vegetables, baby products and more. Inconsiderate much?

I also would like to question where were the Tesco staff when all this happened?

Please SHARE the message & read more in the blog. The locals also washed (samak) over 500 trolleys after the incident. Check the photos and Tesco statement here:

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