Who’s on Mars?

Pareidolia is the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features.


ZME Science

No, there’s no “dark lady” on Mars – just stop it

Social media is abuzz *again* with stories about a dark lady figure being spotted on Mars by the Curiosity Rover. Conspiracists are all over it, and many dubious media publications are “analyzing” it. Long story short, it’s all hogwash.

Instead of appreciating and admiring the fact that we have  a rover on another planet taking pictures and sending them back to Earth, people are trying to see stuff where stuff simply isn’t. In the image above, people think they see a lady figure. Don’t see it? Let’s try again.

Yeah, it kinda, maybe, does look like a lady figure, but you know what else might look like a lady figure? Random rocks in a black and white picture. It’s just like that time people thought hey saw a crab walking on Mars – we tend to see patterns in everything, and some people are quick to jump the gun and made ludicrous statements.

Just an image of a really spooky dust lady on Mars taken by the Rover:

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Meanwhile on Mars, Curiosity spotted this lady walking around with an umbrella ..probably on her way to a Rave

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Crab-Like Face Hugger Spotted in Mars Photo, NASA Says It’s Pareidolia

Crab-Like Face Hugger Spotted in Mars Photo, NASA Says It’s Pareidolia – funnyz

WTF is this thing? | From funnyz

#1 Crabby Little Guy

The ‘crab’ can be seen here taken by the Mars rover Curiosity, which shows a formation that looks like a cave mouth on the red planet. Does it come with a side of mashed potatoes?

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