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#TangkapNajib car sticker gets Murnie Hidayah, Kuching lawyer, in trouble with the police

— Kuching: Murnie Hidayah, lawyer, investigated over #TangkapNajib car sticker — The Rakyat Post PUBLISHED: Aug 12, 2015 09:00am UPDATED: Aug 11, 2015 11:10pm Isu stiker #TangkapNajib: Polis jangan bertindak melulu – Musa Hassan KUALA LUMPUR, 12 Ogos: Bekas Ketua … Continue reading

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Paragliding: Thrilling but dangerous

— Paragliding: Two Perlis Air Sports Club members die in paraglidng accident — China Xinhua News ‏@XHNews 29s30 seconds ago Party in the air! Wingsuit flyer @EspenFadnes meets paraglider up in sky at Mt Tianmen in Zhangjiajie, C China — Favorited … Continue reading

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Mahdzir Khalid, Former Education Minister: Blown away by the Voters in GE 14. LMAO.

… PENGHASUT RAKYAT‏ @PutraREFORMASI 10 Betul dan logiklah. Menteri ugut penjawat awam yang sokong pembangkang patut dibuang kerja, sebenarnya menteri yang takut hilang kerja kalau majoriti penjawat awam mengundi pembangkang pada PRU14. . … THE INFAMOUS WORDS OF MAHDZIR KHALID “The … Continue reading

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Is MARA Digital closing down soon? Low Yat continues to thrive…

… Mara Digital was born from the Low Yat Plaza incident. Its nick name is Low Yat 2. The Low Yat Plaza Incident It happened on 12 July 2015 faizal ‏@f4izalhassan 3h3 hours ago Scene at Low Yat Plaza now … Continue reading

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Many in UMNO will never forgive Anina Saadudin, who scolded Najib; and nobody in PH will forgive her for saying, “Don’t vote for Dr Mahathir.”

… 20 January 2018 .. FMT News‏ @fmtoday Anina nasihat rakyat tidak undi ‘pembina Putrajaya’ – http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/bahasa/2018/01/20/anina-nasihat-rakyat-tidak-undi-pembina-putrajaya/ … … Arianna‏ @MalaysiaStylo Jan 10 Umno dipercayai semua kaum, parti Bersatu tiada kekuatan – Anina Saadudin – Read More https://www.malaysiadreamnews.com/33242/umno-dipercayai-semua-kaum-parti-bersatu-tiada-kekuatan-anina-saadudin/ … … … Malay Mail Online‏Verified … Continue reading

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When is a house not a home? When it is roofless. In Malacca.

— 11 August 2015 Promises not kept Many pledged assistance after a private television station reported that a strong wind blew the zinc roof off his home on Aug 4. — Family of five in Malaysia live in miserable conditions … Continue reading

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The Bangladeshis are here! Legally or Illegally…

— Charles Santiago: Another financial scandal in the making? … 10 June 2019 Malaysia or Banglasia…? pic.twitter.com/c3NoheKunu — Aww… (@SiamLaksa) June 10, 2019 … 24 May 2018 Malay Mail‏ @malaymail Putrajaya to review 1.5 million Bangladeshi worker intake Published 15 minutes ago … Continue reading

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Making a mountain out of spilled kacang putih: In Ipoh at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital.

— BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU POST ON FACEBOOK Be careful! Facebook, Twitter, etc, may be your downfall! — This was the picture that troubled many hearts. — College student Nuruddin Abdul Mujid, who uploaded the image, had implied that MBI was … Continue reading

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