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Help! We can’t get out of the ATM booth! At Maybank, Bahau, Negri Sembilan.

— Malaysian Insider Customers get stuck in ATM booth BY ELVINA FERNANDEZ Published: 15 August 2015 3:04 PM Maybank customers sit and wait for a bank officer to come and let them out of the ATM area after the doors … Continue reading

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Samoa Air charges your fare by your weight!

— Uzbekistan Airways to weigh passengers before boarding — Samoa Air gained global press coverage by becoming the first airline in the world to charge customers by body weight plus luggage. The fare is calculated by multiplying a base fare (depending … Continue reading

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Nature Freaks and their human equivalents..

— POLITICAL FROGS are those who hop from one party to another. You’re a frog is an insulting remark, which is why Ibrahim Ali is so angry about being called a frog. “There were other party-hoppers, why not label them … Continue reading

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