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AirAsia flights: Two flights to Sibu were diverted to Bintulu airport due to fog. Both are safe.

— Four MAS flights and one AirAsia flight which were scheduled to land at the Kuching International Airport were experiencing delays due to bad weather. – Bernama — AirAsia flights to Sibu diverted due to thick fog Bernama     … Continue reading

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Samoa Air charges your fare by your weight!

— Uzbekistan Airways to weigh passengers before boarding — Samoa Air gained global press coverage by becoming the first airline in the world to charge customers by body weight plus luggage. The fare is calculated by multiplying a base fare (depending … Continue reading

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AirAsia versus MAHB

— The STILL SINKING Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) — MAHB-AirAsia tussle continues as airline refuses to quit Kota Kinabalu budget terminal TODAY ‏@TODAYonline 23m23 minutes ago AirAsia’s tussle with MAHB continues as it refuses to quit Kota Kinabalu budget … Continue reading

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AirAsia X

— AirAsia X Flight D71712   AirAsia Group chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes was quoted by AFP, as saying, “one auto-thrust not functioning properly. Actually, okay to fly but we just returning it to base.” In the text message … Continue reading

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The sinking of MH370 at the Titanic Cup in NZ: GRAVE humour? Your tragedy as my fun?

— The Titanic Cup: The sinking of MH370 as HUMOUR!  The Malaysian Airlines cardboard boat nose dives into the water at the Tata Beach Titanic Cup in Golden Bay … Some might call it bad taste, but the winner of … Continue reading

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Who shot at flydubai flight FZ215?

— PLANES HAVE CRASHED AND MAS370 IS STILL MISSING. Now, this! DUBAI—A plane carrying 154 passengers was shot at on Monday after landing at Baghdad International Airport from Dubai, prompting airlines to cancel flights and reigniting concerns about flying through … Continue reading

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Beware of HOAXES and SCAMS about finding Flight QZ8501

— SOME OF THE RUMOURS FLYING AROUND MAY BE HARMLESS BUT OTHERS COULD ‘DONATE’ A VIRUS OR TWO TO YOU! — THIS HAS NOW BEEN DISCOUNTED AS A HOAX: Kamek Miak Sarawak Sementara itu di Kampung Buntal Kuching, seorang penduduk … Continue reading

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