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Insulting Indonesia with an offensive video on their national anthem and President (no video here)…

.. https://t.co/MRdSofBSZU — KittyPooh (@KittyPo80176717) December 29, 2020 https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/politics/article/3115576/indonesian-tempers-flare-malaysia-over-youtube-parody-national .. Setelah FPI, Giliran Warga Malaysia "Obok-obok" Pemerintah Indonesia Halaman 2 – https://t.co/CQ9ZupDI4Y https://t.co/eG36YRGSv5 — זאב האוקיאנוס || Sea Wolf (@VarianDeWolf15) December 28, 2020 .. #Malaysia strongly condemns video insulting #Indonesia. … Continue reading

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Indonesia swore: No haze this year! It looks like ‘cakap bohong’…

… Indonesia is bedevilled by forest fires, which can result in choking smoke blowing across to neighbouring countries like Singapore and Malaysia. It can be an annual affair. The #Haze is back in Singapore 2016 The Haze: Singapore uses the PSI. … Continue reading

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Incredible but what if it were true? Of Malaysia, Indonesia, human trafficking and missing organs…

… FAKE NEWS! Do not spread it… 11 January 2018 The Star‏Verified account @staronlin Sarawak police: FB claims that schoolgirl kidnapped and killed for organ harvesting not true Nation Friday, 12 Jan 2018 9:36 PM MYT by stephen then . MIRI: … Continue reading

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Shocked at ‘Bikini’ snack, they would have been outraged by what was sold in Malaysia!

— Shocked at ‘Bikini’ snack, they would have been outraged by what was sold in Malaysia! Sold on Jonker Walk, Malacca: Roti Berbentuk Zakar Lelaki Sabah’s Sinalau Bakas: Smoked wild boar meat. Strictly non halal. — 5 August 2016 … FMT … Continue reading

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The Haze: From Indonesia with ‘Love’..

— Malaysia API real-time updates: Click on the location of your choice — Updated Singaporean: Crazy! The PSI is 300. Indonesian: That’s nothing. It’s 1,800 here. Malaysian: How do you breathe? Indonesian: With great difficulty but we’re used to it. Singapore: … Continue reading

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Storm in a Popiah/Lumpia plate…

— It’s just a spring roll, you may think but some people are DEAD serious about its origins. Malaysians and Indonesians still quarrel over the origins of traditional food and items like the song Rasa Sayang, batik, wayang kulit, the … Continue reading

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Malaysia, Proton and Indonesia’s non-national National Car

— INDONESIA’S NATIONAL CAR: REACTIONS IN INDONESIA Jakarta Globe Jokowi Denies Any Decision Made on National Car Program Proponents of the ACL-Proton venture insist it’s a purely private sector collaboration. By Jakarta Globe & GlobeAsia on 03:33 pm Feb 09, … Continue reading

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‘Fire your Indonesian maid now’ (and buy a Robovac vacuum cleaner): The Advert that could launch a diplomatic war…

— BEST COMMENT OF THE WEEK: WILL NAJIB TELL JOKOWI THAT THEY MEANT ALL MAIDS? Steve Lai ‏@stevelai Feb 4 Will Najib say “they meant ALL maids”? Ahead of Jokowi visit, ‘racist’ vacuum ad blows up storm in Jakarta http://buff.ly/1zaTIveContinue reading

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Did Indonesia permit AirAsia Flight QZ8501 to fly on a Sunday?

— WHAT IS THE TRUTH? Indonesia’s Transport Ministry has said that AirAsia was not allowed to fly the Surabaya-Singapore route on Sunday. The missing flight QZ8501 had taken off on a Sunday. Tony Fernandes’ office has issued a statement, “We … Continue reading

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Beware of HOAXES and SCAMS about finding Flight QZ8501

— SOME OF THE RUMOURS FLYING AROUND MAY BE HARMLESS BUT OTHERS COULD ‘DONATE’ A VIRUS OR TWO TO YOU! — THIS HAS NOW BEEN DISCOUNTED AS A HOAX: Kamek Miak Sarawak Sementara itu di Kampung Buntal Kuching, seorang penduduk … Continue reading

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