They plan to put all major Opposition Leaders IN COLD STORAGE!




*Karpal Singh? He would have been given a custodial except for his physical condition. Nevertheless, his sentence will disqualify him from serving as an MP.

*PKR vice-president Tian Chua is currently being investigated for a seditious tweet where he promised “to bring down the Prime Minister”. Earlier in March the Batu MP also applied to set aside sedition charges for a speech he made on May 13.

*Who is next? “I’m next,” said Nurul.


Free Malaysia Today

‘I fear not jail, I fear only Allah’

March 27, 2014

Anwar says ruling leaders are too detached from the real issues of rising cost of living.

ENAMPANG : Even with a looming five-year jail sentence hanging over his head, defiant Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim told supporters in Sabah Wednesday he feared no one but Allah.

“I fear not to be jailed. I fear only Allah. They can send me to jail again, and I will continue to speak up for the people and against Umno. I will fight the corrupt Umno leaders till the end,” he thundered at a Reformasi 2.0 gathering of about 500 at Kampung Ramaya in Penampang, last night.

The PKR supremo blasted the current Umno-led federal government as the most rotten regime Malaysians had ever witnessed. He said opposition and hatred towards the Umno-led federal government is mounting by the days and it would be unstoppable.

“Umno is ruining this country with corruption, indignity and incapability of good governance. The people must stop this rot.

“Stop Umno from playing racial and religious issues, and the only way is throwing them away from Putrajaya,” said Anwar in his hour-long fiery speech that captivated his responsive audience.

Wednesday Mar 26, 2014

When asked if it was a coincidence that Pakatan Rakyat leaders had legal action being taken against them, Nurul said no.

“Political prosecution is the name of the game,” she said.

‘I’m next,’ Nurul says about possible
court charge

IMG_9505 i

Lembah Pantai member of parliament Nurul Izzah claims she may be the next Opposition leader to be taken to court. — TRP pic by Mokhsin Zamani

By Sean Augustin

KAJANG, March 21

Nurul Izzah believes that she is next on the list of Opposition leaders to be dragged to court for a statement she made on religious freedom.

The Lembah Pantai member of parliament told The Rakyat Post that she was informed by the Selangor religious authorities (Jais) that they have completed their investigations on her.

Nurul had in 2012 remarked that religious freedom should be applied to all including Muslims, leading to accusations that she supported apostasy among Muslims of which is a crime in the country.

She however denied supporting the idea of leaving Islam and blamed the mainstream media for twisting her words.

“Police will now investigate the matter,” she said after delivering her speech at the PKR Operation’s centre in Sungai Chua last night.


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