Watch the TV broadcast: PKR Tunjuk Bukti Mengenai Bekalan Elektrik Terputus


PKR Tunjuk Bukti Mengenai Bekalan Elektrik Terputus

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PKR Tunjuk Bukti Mengenai Bekalan Elektrik Terputus

PKR tampil mendedahkan bukti berupa laporan polis dan borang rasmi berhubung kewujudan pengundi hantu dan bekalan elektrik terputus yang berlaku semasa pru-13, 5 Mei lalu. Pengarah strateginya, Rafizi Ramli berkata laporan polis bertarikh 9 Mei itu adalah bukti dakwaan seorang ejen pilihan raya PKR mengenai bekalan elektrik terputus yang berlaku di Kedah.

Date added: May 27, 2013
Duration: 37:53



EC ready to meet Rafizi on fraud claims
12:43PM May 28, 2013

The Election Commission (EC) is ready to meet with any party that wishes to make a complaint or furnish evidence of fraud in the May 5 general election, including PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli who is leading the party’s electoral fraud investigation team.

This is to avoid any negative perception that the commission failed to execute its duties, today’s issue of Malay daily Sinar Harian quotes EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar as claiming.

“It is good if there is solid evidence, together with police reports and others. I’m ready to meet those who have these evidence and hear about the problems that might have happened.

NONE“It is better to meet. We can avoid any negative prejudice because the EC is really sincere in carrying out the duties given,” Wan Ahmad is quoted as saying.

He was responding to Rafizi’s (left) statement yesterday that a police report has been lodged against a blackout that took place in Sedim, Kedah, during the vote counting on polling day – and lasted for 15 minutes.

“It is good to have police report. Let the police investigate and we are always ready to give any cooperation to find out the truth. We have 26,000 polling centres and thousands of workers who may not have reported to the EC if there had been negligence.”

He explained that his previous statements were made based on the report given to him within 24 hours after the polling day.

“My statements before this were based on the immediate report after the polling day. We contacted our workers, the police and Tenaga Nasional Bhd and there was no report (of a blackout) received.

“If we don’t base this on our sources, who should we trust? Therefore, when there is a police report, we ask the police to investigate.”

EC ready to meet Rafizi on fraud claims


Controversy over the BLACKOUT Photo of 5 May 2013


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