Malaysians in Australia PROTEST against unfair elections


Malaysian Election Commission is impartial – former Chief Justice | Asia Pacific | ABC Radio Austral

Some speakers at a mass rally near Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur may be charged with sedition.
  • Jordan Williams Zaki Tun Azmi was the former legal advisor to UMNO. He went straight from being legal advisor to Chief Justice and was the Chief Justice when cases like the Perak constitutional crisis occurred. He was put there to safeguard BN. On his retirement he was given a highway contract as a reward. How can a person with such obvious links to UMNO and with vested interest be interviewed on the issue of the fairness of the elections without at least probing his pass association with UMNO and what he gained from that association. The interviewer obviously failed to do his homework. Otherwise he would have known better. The “honest” beliefs of a tainted person carries no credibility.
    Radio Australia

    Malaysian Election Commission is impartial – former Chief Justice

    Updated 9 May 2013, 22:31 AEST

    Some speakers at a mass rally near Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur may be charged with sedition.

    The chief of police in Selangor state, Hisan Hamzah, says he may pursue sedition charges against some of the 33 speakers at the rally.

    He did NOT say if Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was among them.

    The opposition PKR which organised the rally has condemned the statement as a “politically motivated threat” aimed at silencing claims that the BN government allowed cheating in last weekend’s polls.

    Already, Mr Anwar has announced that a series of protest gatherings would be held around Malaysia.

    He’s vowed to produce evidence to support the claims of electoral fraud.. while the Prime Minister Najib Razak denied the allegations.

    The Prime Minister’s office says Wednesday’s rally was calculated to create unrest, with the PM urging the Opposition to accept the election result gracefully.

    Zaki Tun Azmi is the former Chief Justice of Malaysia.

    He gave an address this evening at the University of Sydney .. I spoke with him by phone, and asked him what he made of the current situation in Kuala Lumpur.

    Presenter: Sen Lam

    Speaker: Zaki Tun Azmi, former Chief Justice of Malaysia

    TUN ZAKI: Ok, the election law, which is the Election Offences Act, provides for any candidate or agent of a candidate, to file an election petition, to challenge any decision or result of any election, within fourteen days of the election. But the petition will be in respect of each candidate, each constituency only. There is no provision to file in for the whole general election.

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Blackout – Perth, WA, Australia

Yesterday at 8:30am ·

Blackout – Bell Tower, Perth, WA, Australia

Updated 4 minutes ago
60+ Malaysian have clustered together throughout various locations around Perth, to share their views on Ubah (Change), anti-racism and putting pressure on Malaysian Election Commission to investigate the allegations against the unfair elections.Initially it was organised for a flashmob to happen in Perth CBD via facebook event. 250+ Malaysians have put up their hands to join the flash mob. However it was cancelled due to insufficient time to apply for permit, etc. Hence patriotic Malaysians were encouraged to do multiple small flash mobs in more manageable sizes.300+ Malaysians in Melbourne, 300+ in Sydney and 60+ in Canberra have also organised flash mob events to voice concerns to the recent Malaysia’s 13th General Elections.Special guests: Batman and Spiderman

Yesterday at 10:30am ·

Blackout – Murray St Mall, Perth, WA, Australia



Messages From Australia – The Awakening of Democracy, 511 Melbourne


2 minutes ago

Rakyat bangkit dari penipuan pilihanraya!- live from Batu Kawan Stadium,Penang



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Support for a cleaner and fairer election! from Canberra, Australia



Click on the link for the video

无声抗议 … 墨尔本 – 澳洲 Silent Protest … In Melbourne – Australia

无声抗议 … 墨尔本 – 澳洲 Silent Protest … In Melbourne – Australia
人在国外 … “决心 + 精神” 与国内同在 …

Hi, I’m a Malaysian student, currently study in Melbourne, Australia. I believe that you have seen photos of Malaysians in Melbourne were having a silent protest in front of the state library of Victoria, Melbourne.
I, as a Malaysian, went to support. And here’s a video I captured during the protest.
Would you please kindly give me a favour to shar…See more。


更多视频 … More Video …


Malaysians in Sydney protest unfair elections


Some 300 Malaysians in Sydney came to a snap protest on May 11 organised over not more than a day through Facebook and word of mouth. The catchword was “Ubah” (“Change”). These predominantly young Malaysians want to stand in solidarity with the huge protest rallies being held around Malaysia in the wake of the “stolen”See More
Photos: 32


Accountant Tang shared PAS Representative Council Western Australia‘s video: 0511 Melbourne, Australia.
0511 Melbourne, Australia
Length: 5:08



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