120,000 at 8 MAY GATHERING! Pidato Anwar Ibrahim Stadium Kelana Jaya Rabu 8 Mei 2013 8.30 malam


Numbers to call if ARRESTED at Pidato Anwar Ibrahim Stadium Kelana Jaya







#BLACK 505 Himpunan Rakyat Pulau Pinang 11 May 2013


Malaysian Insider

508 : I was there

The night Anak Malaysia rose above 1 Malaysia — Tham Teck Khuen

May 11, 2013

MAY 11 — When PR said there would be a rally on May 8, immediately I said to myself I must go! What spurred me to make this decision was the people of Malaysia were robbed of democracy and the Election Commission (EC) has blatantly participated in conducting an unfair election.

The rakyat’s future, their children and grandchildren’s future were put into doubt. The anger, disappointment and feeling of being cheated were enough to motivate me to attend this rally, come rain or shine.

We cannot and must not let the country fall into a government that does not care for the rakyat and continuously makes fools out of the people of Malaysia!

I am glad I attended the rally. I have never seen so many people congregate into one place. The atmosphere was electrifying with flags of the DAP, PAS and PKR being waved everywhere.

People were walking happily to the venue and everyone looked very determined to show their support for a common cause.

The sense of comradeship was felt even though we did not know each other. To me there was no race differentiation. All of us were Anak Malaysia. This is where I saw the spirit of Malaysians came alive and I felt very proud standing side by side with my fellow Malaysians be they Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Dayaks or Ibans.

The night ended with the singing of our national anthem. You can see and sense that the people were singing with passion and their faces tell you that that they love this country very much.

Anak Malaysia has risen and it has more meaning than putting a number to denote we are one. But I guess our ruling government will not understand as they were not there with the rakyat!



(In Cantonese) Hong Kong Apple Daily – Malaysian Mainstram Media “Silent” on Malaysian Opposition 200K Rally

20萬人集會冇重視 大馬傳媒趕絕反對派

Published on May 9, 2013

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Free Malaysia Today

Cops quiz Nik Nazmi over rally

K Pragalath | May 10, 2013

PKR’s communications boss risks being charged under the Peaceful Assembly and Sedition Acts.

PETALING JAYA: Police today interrogated PKR communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad in connection with Wednesday night’s Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat rally at the Kelana Jaya stadium.

His lawyer, Eric Paulsen, told FMT he was being investigated under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PPA) and the Sedition Act.

Paulsen said Nik Nazmi had been called in because he had failed to notify the police 10 days before the rally. The notice was sent on Tuesday.

“However, the announcement about the rally had been publicised in the media, including social media,” Paulsen pointed out.

Nik Nazmi is the state assemblyman for Seri Setia.

Yesterday Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Majid announced that police would investigate 33 Pakatan Rakyat leaders on suspicion of violating the PAA. Of the 33, 28 are also being investigated under the Sedition Act over their speeches at the rally.


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Singapore Today paper says 100,000 attend gathering in Kelana Jaya Stadium……..Utusan ,Star,Straits Times got report or not?



9 May

Drop sedition probe on Kelana Jaya speakers, PKR tells IGP – it was peaceful, apa lagi mau?


Free Malaysia Today

‘CPO broke the law with his threat’

G Lavendran | May 9, 2013

The PKR leader accuses Najib of using the police to divert attention from alleged election fraud.

PETALING JAYA: The police threat to use the Sedition Act against speakers at last night’s opposition rally is illegal, according to PKR vice president N Surendran.

“This is an unlawful, undemocratic and politically motivated threat,” he said in a media statement released today in reaction to a statement by Selangor police chief (CPO) Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah.

Surendran, who is a human rights lawyer, said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was “clearly” using Tun Hisan and Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Ismail Omar to “divert attention from the massive electoral fraud and irregularities” allegedly carried out in the campaign and polling for the 13th general election.

He demanded that the authorities drop all sedition probes against Pakatan leaders who spoke at last night’s rally, which drew about 100,000 people to the Kelana Jaya stadium despite the bad weather and caused traffic gridlocks in surrounding areas.

He said it was “shocking” that the police were “once again” resorting to the “antiquated and undemocratic” Sedition Act 1948 in the light of Najib’s promise that it would be repealed.

“In July 2012, Najib promised the Malaysian public that the Sedition Act would be repealed,” he said.

“Najib has lied and misled the people by failing to do so. Worse, Najib continues to use this oppressive law to curb freedom of expression and democratic dissent.”

He warned the Selangor CPO that he was exposing himself to a charge of abuse of power in ordering the sedition probe and demanded that the IGP reveal “the full extent of the BN government’s involvement” in Tun Hisan’s decision.

He urged the police to maintain impartiality and professionalism in carrying out their duties.



Anwar praises rally participants
5:42PM May 9, 2013

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim sang praises participants of a Pakatan Rakyat rally in Kelana Jaya last night for braving the rain and traffic jam to protest against electoral fraud.

In a press release today, Anwar said that Malaysians from all walks of life had showed courage and determination last night for a noble cause.

“You were peaceful, you showed your allegiance to the Agong and sang the national anthem with pride. You demonstrated clearly that you are indeed a nation united as Bangsa Malaysia,” he said.

BN leaders have been quick to point out that despite fraud claims, Pakatan won most seats in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan, and that the rally was held because Pakatan could not accept that they didn’t win federal power.

‘Pakatan will not give up’

Anwar said that such an argument was a gross insult to voters.

“It is also a blatant lie. The truth is your victory has been stolen from you. How can that be acceptable?

“It is they who cannot accept defeat and have resorted to this deceit, fraud and cheating to stay on to power.

“You are on the side of truth and truth will triumph over falsehood,” he said.

Anwar said that Pakatan’s supporters are now suffering from a racist intimidation campaign and urged them to show “steely resolve”.

“You will show that you won’t stop until justice and victory is returned to you.

“In all these endeavours, I give you my word that the Pakatan is totally with you. We will stand firmly by you all the way. We will never surrender,” he said.

Anwar praises rally participants


S Ambiga, “He was thumbing his nose at racism and the frontpage of Utusan… the paradox is that instead of dividing us, this issue has brought us together. Yesterday, is the Malaysia I envisage. And I wish our leaders could see this side of Malaysia.”

Free Malaysia Today

All hail the Black Parade

RK Anand | May 9, 2013

Last night, Kelana Jaya witnessed a powerful display of people power. Dressed in black, they came to mourn the death of democracy.


PETALING JAYA: It died over the weekend and last night was the funeral. Dressed in black, tens of thousands braved the rain and nightmarish traffic gridlock to mourn over their loss.

The deceased, according to the opposition, was democracy in Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat claimed that it was bludgeoned to death by Barisan Nasional and the Election Commission.

While some 100,000 packed the Kelana Jaya stadium to the point that even the grass on the field was no longer visible, tens of thousands more huddled outside, with some risking life and limb to scale over the walls and fence for a better view.

Thousands also marched along the Damansara-Puchong Highway while countless more were caught in the traffic jam that stretched right up to the Sunway toll, several kilometres away.

Along the highway, motorists turned off their engines, alighted from their vehicles and joined in the fanfare, waving and shouting words of encouragement to those clad in black.


Closer to the stadium, a cacophony of horns and vuvuzelas reverberated in the night. Youths on motorcycles rode past with opposition flags, shouting “Najib Bangla and Bangla Nasional”.

The mood in the stadium was nothing short of electric, and to those who were there, it was Anwar, and not Najib, it was Pakatan and not BN, who were the rightful prime minister and government.

Having won the 13th general election due to the first-past-the post system, Najib it seems rules the physical Malaysia but Anwar, whose coalition bagged the most votes, rules the hearts of the people.

It was apparent that the momentum for change had grown bigger than the political leaders, even Anwar himself. It now belonged to the people.

Ambiga: It was unbelievable

Meanwhile, Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga, who was also present, said the event had left her speechless.

“I thought Bersih 3 was stunning…. this was unbelievable,” she told FMT.

“As I was driving in, I saw lines and lines of people walking towards the stadium… I had to walk as well… It was the dignity of the people, moving in harmony, for a single purpose…,” she added.

Ambiga said that when she saw the crowd at the stadium, people who had come in droves on such short notice, it overwhelmed her.

“People were stuck in massive traffic jams but nobody complained… they honked in support. The spontaneous camaraderie was unbelievable,” she added.

Ambiga recalled that as she was leaving the stadium, a Malay youth shouted “I am Malay and I support DAP”, and everyone started laughing and patting him on the back.



Saya ditipu oleh DS Anwar Ibrahim kerana rancangan beliau mengajak rakyat berkumpul untuk menujukkan sokongan rakyat kepada beliau. Pada masa yang sama, saya memohon maaf kepada DS Anwar Ibrahim kerana saya sebenarnya salah sangka rancangan beliau yang seumpama untuk faedah sendiri.

Masa saya melangkah ke dalam stadium, sedarlah saya “penipuan” beliau ada udang di sebalik batu. Motif beliau bukanlah untuk mengumpul sokongan anda kepada beliau. Niat baik beliau adalah untuk menunjukkan kepada anda semua bahawa tiadalah perasaan dendam di antara semua kawan kita yang berbilang kaum. Semua yang hadir berpakaian warna sama, hidup sama prinsip, jerit sama logan, benci sama musuh, tukar sama pilihan. DS Anwar Ibrahim berpegang kepada kepercayaan diri bahawa perselisihan faham tidak wujud di kalangan kita yang hidup berpakatan. Ini kalilah sekali3 lagi beliau mendapat pujukan saya kerana sempat memadamkan perasaan benci antara kaum yang ditanam oleh parti UMNO yang berhasrat untuk menumpah darah rakyat di atas keris.

Detik yang paling terharu saya rasa apabila seorang kawan Melayu di sebelah saya menaikkan sekeping kertas dengan penuh semangat. Tulisan atas kertas ialah “Chinese are not racist. My friends are Chinese.” Saya menunjukan rasa bangga saya yang ikhlas kepada kawan ini dengan memberikan salam kepadanya.

Rancangan beliau berjaya membangkitkan semangat perjuangan rakyat jelita yang telah hapus tiga hari lalu. Sekali lagi kita dapat rasa semangat rakyat yang tidak berputus asa untuk membina kerajaan yang berkemampuan. Di sini saya sekali lagi bersyukur kerana rancangan Dato Seri berjaya mencapai hasrat rakyat.

Saya juga berterima kasih kepada DS Anwar Ibrhim kerana tidak hanya menunjukan diri di stadium bersejarah tu dengan seorang. Sekali lagi Dato Seri menghebohkan rancangan beliau dengan membawa sekali pemerintah2 negara seperti YB Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Nurul Izzar sekali ( jarak saya dengan pentas agak jauh). Dengan ucapan daripada wira dan wirawati semua ini, sekali lagi mereka menyokong keharmonian negara dicapai oleh semua rakyat yang berbilang kaum.

Teruskan semangat anda semua, kawan-kawan saya!!!


‘Black Saturday’ declared every week to mourn death of democracy

Harakahdaily, 08 May 2013

May 8: Barely 48 hours after a rally was called and publicised through social media and word of mouth, Stadium Petaling Jaya in Kelana Jaya was overflowing with tens of thousands of people to protest the controversial election which saw Barisan Nasional scrape a narrow victory last weekend.

The huge crowd not only filled the 40,000-seat stadium, but also occupied every inch of the field. It is estimated that easily over 100,000 people have gathered at the venue, with tens of thousands more believed to be stuck in one of the worst traffic congestions seen in the Klang Valley in recent times.

In his speech, Anwar vowed to press on for electoral reforms, and urged Malaysians to show their displeasure over the state of democracy in the country by wearing black every Saturday.

“Black symbolises the death of democracy in this country. Starting this Saturday, the people are encouraged to wear black throughout the country,’ said Anwar.

He also announced that rallies would be held nationwide to highlight electoral frauds, including in Sabah and Sarawak, with the next one in Penang this Saturday.

“I want to show and prove to Najib, UMNO and BN leaders. This is not a Chinese battle, not a Malay battle…. we will go to every nook and corner of the country to show we have the support of all Malaysians,” Anwar declared, referring to a series of racially charged statements issued by UMNO leaders following the party’s pyrrhic victory.




28 Pakatan rally speakers to be probed for sedition
12:30PM May 9, 2013

28 of the 33 speakers at last night’s Pakatan Rakyat mega rally in Selangor made statements that contravened the Sedition Act, and will be investigated, said the police.

NONEAccording to Chinese dailies today, the Selangor police chief (CPO) at a press conference said all of the alleged offenders will be called up for investigations.

The CPO was also reported saying that the police had advised Pakatan to postpone the rally but they had defied the suggestion, resulting in massive traffic jams.

He pointed out that under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, the police require prior notice of 10 days.

28 Pakatan rally speakers to be probed for sedition


AWESOME ANWAR: The people want new elections, they want to get rid of …


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good morning my dear comrades




120,000 show of force at post-GE13 rally

7:48PM May 8, 2013


11.40pm: Traffic congestion worsens and motorists continue to snake their way home. Some are even still trying to get to the stadium.

Malaysiakini reporter Aidila Razak was unable to make it to the stadium as she has been stuck in traffic for four hours.

Including those caught in traffic jams all around Petaling Jaya, the crowd is estimated at 120,000 – making it one of the biggest rallies in recent times.

120,000 show of force at post-GE13 rally


  • 9 May 2013
  • The Star Malaysia

Wear black, urges Anwar

Opposition leader calls on M’sians to protest election results Cops: Organisers of gathering did not follow procedures

PETALING JAYA: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim called on Malaysians to protest the results of the general election by wearing black.

Pakatan supporters using umbrellas or raincoats at the stadium during a drizzle.“I urge all Malaysians to wear black every day from Saturday,” he said in his speech during a rally to protest against the general election results at the Kelana Jaya Stadium last night.Anwar also questioned the targeting of certain segments of society for the results in GE13.“The Malays, Chinese and Indians as well as other races want to defend their rights and reject cheating and deception,” he said to tens of thousands of opposition supporters who attended the rally.He said Pakatan Rakyat leaders would be gathering in Penang on Saturday night for another rally.Among those present were Bersih co-chair Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang.

Hundreds later spilled onto the DamansaraPuchong Highway (LDP) in front of the Giant Hypermarket after the rally ended at about 11.30pm to cheer passing cars as well as raise flags.

Coupled with the rally participants who parked their cars illegally on the LDP near the hypermarket, this caused a major traffic gridlock over several kilometres.

There was no police presence to control the situation.



DS speaking to an amazingly huge crowd at KelanaJayaStadium!



ADUN SriSetia and MP Subang at



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Live from Kelana Jaya Stadium: Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat rally


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LIVE dari Stadium Kelana Jaya sekarang!!!
Stadium sudah penuh dan ribuan lagi sedng berpusu-pusu untuk masuk!!..
Insya-Allah dengarkan LIVE di Wau FM akan bermula sekeja lagi…




Post-GE13 rally: Crowd now 80k, Anwar takes stage
7:48PM May 8, 2013


10.40pm: The way out of the stadium, heading towards Paradigm Mall is clogged as the car ferrying Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is forced to slow down as many people ask the latter to roll down his window so that they may take snapshots with him.

Khalid, meanwhile, smiles and graciously accomodates the requests of the crowd comprising of those leaving the stadium and those just heading in.

10.39pm: Pakatan Rakyat supremo Anwar Ibrahim declares that the people of Malaysia, be they Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Dayak, want free and fair election.

He is taking a dig at Utusan Malaysia’s inflammatory headline yesterday, “Apa lagi Cina mahu?“.

Anwar says every Malaysian, regardless of race, want to reclaim their rights and they want BN to fall.

The crowd, which has now swelled to 80,000 responds enthusiastically, raising their fists in a show support.

10.26pm: With no traffic police guiding traffic, civilians have taken it upon themselves to help unclog the roads.

Almost all cars have their windows down and most are honking rhythms, in what appears to be the most jubilant traffic jam in the Klang Valley.

Along the LDP, people are still making their way to the stadium on foot.

Most of them wear black, to symbolise protest against what they allege as “electoral fraud”.

Columns of cars and motorbikes, parked along the road and believed to belong to Pakatan supporters, have contributed to the traffic congestion.

Post-GE13 rally: Crowd now 80k, Anwar takes stage




Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat Kelana Jaya 8 Mei 2013


Charles Santiago · 17,922 like this

3 minutes ago ·

Crowd at Kelana Jaya stadium est. to be 64K – 69K. Assuming minimal crowd outside and stadium capacity is 25K, calculation is open area (39842 – 44036 people) + 25K.


Gambar di Kelana Jaya, tsunami rakyat, 08 Mei 2013

[Gambar Di Kelana Jaya] Wahai BN.. Ini baru dinamakan Tsunami Rakyat…!!!



Terkini dari Ceramah di Masjid Rusila. Allahuakhbar!!!Ikuti Siaran Langsung di 1 –
2 –



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Anwar riding a bike reach kelana jaya! That is my man [ccwm]abc

Keadaan di Tol LDP.
— with Mohd Khairi


50,000 brave drizzle at post-GE13 rally
7:48PM May 8, 2013


10.05pm: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim arrives. His arrival is greeted with wild cheers from the crowd, who also begin shouting, “Kami anak Malaysia“.

10pm: Four kilometres from the venue, passengers on a bus and several cars alight from their vehicles and begin making their way to the rally on foot. All are dressed in black.

Meanwhile, a man in a pickup truck waves a PKR flag, to honks of support.

9.33pm: The traffic jam from Kelana Jaya goes as far as the NPE toll near Sunway. According to Google Map Traffic, the whole of Petaling Jaya is in a gridlock.

9.25pm: Motorcyclists passing by drivers dressed in black but stuck in the traffic crawl on the LDP, yell out “Ini Kalilah”.

The roads around the stadium are clogged for several kilometres, with no sign of having eased over the past two hours.

Many people, adorning ‘Ini Kalilah’ T-shirst, are observed leaving their cars parked along the side of the highway and are legging it towards the stadium.

9.05pm: Stalls selling food and Pakatan memorabilia such as T-shirts, sashes and stickers, surround the stadium complex.

Meanwhile, people continue to stream into the stadium. All the seats have long been filled and so the crowd begin to sit on the field and running track.

50,000 brave drizzle at post-GE13 rally


Over 100,000 protest fraud general election

Harakahdaily, 08 May 2013

May 8: Stadium Petaling Jaya in Kelana Jaya is currently overflowing with tens of thousands of people for the rally to protest the controversial election which saw Barisan Nasional scrape a narrow victory last weekend.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders are taking turns to address the huge crowd, which also filled up every inch of the field. It is estimated that easily over 100,000 people have gathered at the venue.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is due to speak tonight to launch what he has described as “a fierce movement to clean this country from election malpractices and fraud”.

Anwar has vowed to dedicate his full energy and time to expose the electoral frauds, while others have called for a referendum to decide the future of the present Election Commission.

Lebih 100,000 sertai 2 himpunan bantah penipuan PRU 13

Harakahdaily, 08 Mei 2013

(Kira-kira 100,000 memenuhi luar dan dalam Stadium MPPJ Kelana Jaya)

KELANA JAYA: Lebih 100,000 orang berkumpul di Stadium Kelana Jaya bagi membantah penipuan dalam pilihan raya umum  ke 13 baru-baru ini.

Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mengetuai perhimpunan ini dengan disertai sama oleh Timbalan Presiden PAS, Haji Mohamad Sabu.

Walaupun hujan renyai-renyai sejak petang tadi, ia tidak menghalang mereka berkumpul di stadium itu.

Lebuhraya Persekutuan yang menghala ke kawasan perhimpunan jam teruk sejak petang tadi.

Ini adalah perhimpunan pertama dianjurkan selepas pilihan raya umum ke 13 yang menyaksikan Barisan Nasional (BN) kembali berkuasa tetapi penuh dengan kecacatan.

Di RUSILA, Marang, puluhan ribu juga berkumpul di perkarangan Masjid Rusila dalam himpunan gergasi rakyat Terengganu bersama PAS.

Mereka memenuhi perkarangan masjid itu dan mendengar ucapan dari pimpinan PAS dari Dewan Terbuka Tok Guru yang terletak di sebelah masjid itu.


(Gambar kanan: Himpunan di perkarangan Masjid Rusila, Marang)

Antara yang menyertai himpunan di perkarangan Masjid Rusila adalah bekas Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Muhamad Haji Mohd Taib. Beliau dilihat antara faktor penyumbang kepada gelombang besar yang melandar Selangor dalam pilihan raya umum baru-baru ini.

Isu dakwat kekal yang tidak kekal, pengundi warga asing, lampu padam ketika pengiraan undi, kotak undi yang jatuh dari helikopter yang membawa dan pelbagai cerita lagi.

Kali ini, dengan semua penyokong adalah mata dan telinga atau jentera Pakatan Rakyat segala penyelewengan ini didedahkan melalui media sosial.

(Tan Sri Muhamad Mohd Taib berdepan dengan puluhan ribu di Dewan Tok Guru, perkarangan Masjid Rusila malam ini)

Gambar, video dan cerita disebarkan dengan cepat bagi membukti pelbagai kecacatan pilihan raya ini.

Berasaskan kepada itulah mereka turun beramai-ramai malam ini untuk mendengar sendiri sikap dan pendirian Pakatan Rakyat mengenainya.


Lebih 100,000 sertai himpunan bantah penipuan PRU 13



Anwar Ibrahim: Jumpa Di Stadium Kelana Jaya Dengan Pakaian Hitam Malam Ini


Anwar Ibrahim: See You In Black Tonight At Kelana Jaya Stadium


The Rally is NOT illegal!

Rafizi said the party has complied with provisions of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 as it has informed the police about the rally to be held at the Kelana Jaya stadium at 8.30pm.

“To heed the call by (Inspector-General of Police) Ismail Omar, PKR through Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, the Seri Setia assemblyperson, has officially informed the relevant police station,” Rafizi said in a statement today.

“This is in line with normal practice as the rally will be held in private premises. The management and owner of the stadium have agreed to this.



8 May

PJ braces for major rally on ‘STOLEN ELECTION’

Tens of thousands of Malaysians are expected to converge at the Petaling Jaya Stadium in Kelana Jaya tonight in the first ever rally against Barisan Nasional since the coalition’s pyrrhic victory at the general election on Sunday.

Despite suggestion by police that it could be in violation of the Peaceful Assembly Act, organisers said the rally, aimed at highlighting frauds committed by BN, would go ahead as planned.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is expected to address the crowd at 8.30 pm. Attendees are also told to wear black or spot black insignia to symbolise a state of grief over the controversial manner the general election was conducted


Malaysian Insider

Anwar’s rally legal, no need for 10-day notice, says Ambiga

By Boo Su-Lyn

Ambiga (right) noted that the police has waived the 10-day notice requirement in previous Umno protests. – File pi

May 08, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, May 8 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s rally at the Kelana Jaya stadium tonight is legal as a 10-day notification to the police is not required under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) 2012, senior lawyer Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said today.

Ambiga pointed out that the state-owned Kelana Jaya stadium was a “designated place of assembly”, which would not require a 10-day notice under Section 9(2)(a), and not a “public place” as defined in Section 3 because the stadium is not currently open to or is being used by the public.

“My reading is that this is an assembly at a designated place, so the 10-day notification doesn’t apply,” Ambiga told The Malaysian Insider today.

“Here you have an owner that has given consent. So they’re right in saying they don’t have to give 10 days,” added the former Bar Council president, referring to PR.

Anwar’s rally legal, no need for 10-day notice, says Ambiga



Putrajaya slams Anwar ahead of tonight’s rally

Malaysia’s government accused opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of “fomenting division” and planning to cause unrest at a rally planned tonight to protest alleged vote fraud following his defeat in a national election.

Anwar has called the rally to present what he says is evidence of widespread fraud in Sunday’s election that handed victory, with a weakened parliamentary majority, to the long-ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

Tens of thousands of supporters are expected to attend the event at a sports stadium on the outskirts of the capital Kuala Lumpur, despite a police warning that the opposition had not acquired the necessary permission.

“Anwar has deliberately refused to apply for permission for his protest, and deliberately chosen a small stadium to ensure it will spill onto the streets.

“His protest is calculated to create unrest,” the government said in a statement.

Without explicitly banning the rally, police said in a statement they would not hesitate to “take action” against the organiser and the speakers if the rally violated Malaysia’s sedition laws that forbid incitement to break social order.

Putrajaya slams Anwar ahead of tonight’s rally


PDRM Formally Informed About Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat Rally

Updated 34 minutes ago · Taken at IPD Petaling Jaya Selangor
As provided for by the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, PKR formally informs the PDRM of the rally to be held on 8 May 2013 in Stadium Kelana Jaya.Now no more excuses, right?Photo credit: Halimey A Bakar

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With Halimey A Bakar at IPD Petaling Jaya Selangor.

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The letter informing PDRM about the rally with their acknowledgement of receipt



Free Malaysia Today

IGP’s got it wrong, rally is legal

K Pragalath | May 8, 2013

Declaring today’s Pakatan rally as illegal shows his poor understanding of the Peaceful Assembly Act, says civil liberties lawyer.

PETALING JAYA: The Inspector General of Police is working with a wrong understanding of the law relating to protest rallies, said a lawyer today.

IGP Ismail Omar’s declaration that a rally tonight by Pakatan Rakyat is illegal shows he is still working with the mindset of section 27 of the Police Act.

“Section 27 of the Police Act has been replaced with the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012. There is no such thing as permits under the PAA,” said civil liberties lawyer, Syahredzan Johan.

He said this in response to Ismail’s declaration that the rally led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim tonight in Kelana Jaya Stadium is illegal.

“The organiser must comply with the PAA. Marching without a permit, aimed at arousing anger, is wrong according to the law,” declared the IGP.

“Comply with the law and use the correct channel to apply for a permit from the district police chief,” national news agency Bernama quoted Ismail Omar as saying yesterday.

Ismail added that those who took part in the rally tonight will be arrested.

Police cannot declare rally illegal

Anwar called for the rally following allegations that the 13th general election that took place on Sunday was fraught with cheating andirregularities.

Syahredzan also explained the limitations of the police under the PAA. Among others, he said the police cannot declare a rally illegal.

“No rallies can be declared illegal under the PAA. The organisers can only be charged for not notifying the OCPD of the rally.”

The act states that rally organisers are required to notify the police 10 days prior to the rally.

“Rally participants cannot be charged for attending the rally. They are not committing an offence unless they bring their underaged children



PKR: Ignore malicious SMS, attend rally tonight
12:43PM May 8, 2013

PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli has urged the people to ignore “malicious” text messages and to express their objection to electoral fraud by attending tonight’s rally in Selangor.

Rafizi said the party has complied with provisions of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 as it has informed the police about the rally to be held at the Kelana Jaya stadium at 8.30pm.

“To heed the call by (Inspector-General of Police) Ismail Omar, PKR through Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, the Seri Setia assemblyperson, has officially informed the relevant police station,” Rafizi said in a statement today.

“This is in line with normal practice as the rally will be held in private premises. The management and owner of the stadium have agreed to this.

“It also complies with the Peaceful Assembly Act – a permit is not needed for a rally, only the need to inform the police.”

Rafizi urged all Malaysians to wear black and attend the rally to reject electoral fraud in Suday’s 13th general election.

He will lodge a police report at the Tropicana police station at 3pm today on the “malicious” text messages being widely circulated.

These urge the people, especially non-Malays, not to attend the rally ‘as it will become an excuse for racial riots’, as had happened on May 13, 1969.

PKR: Ignore malicious SMS, attend rally tonight



Rally illegal, participants face arrest, warns IGP

The rally planned by the opposition tomorrow is illegal because the organiser did not apply for a permit from the police.

Inspector-general of police Ismail Omar warned that participants at the rally will be arrested.

“The organiser must comply with the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012. Marching without permit aimed at arousing anger is wrong according to the law.

“Comply with the law and use the correct channel to apply for permit from the district police chief,” he told a press conference at Bukit Aman police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.


Hew Kuan Yau 丘光耀:

我的超人黑衣準備好了,我一件,我老婆一件!明晚Stadium Kelana jaya見!




7 May

SMS has been circulating warning Chinese not to wear black for fear of 13May. It’s a hoax. I intend to lodge a police report tomorrow pls RT

7 May

Wear black & come out in full tomorrow at Kelana Jaya Stadium to protest fraud. Dont believe fake sms on 13May pls RT



1. Pagi ini bertempat di Pusat Media Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Selangor, Ketua Polis Selangor, Dato’ Haji Tun Hisan bin Dato’ Haji Tun Hamzah mengulas tentang cubaan Pakatan Rakyat untuk mengadakan Perhimpunan ‘Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat’ yang dijadualkan berlangsung pada 08.05.2013 Rabu ini di Stadium Kelana Jaya, Selangor.

2. Ketua Polis Selangor juga menegaskan sekiranya perhimpunan tersebut mempunyai kecenderungan untuk melakukan hasutan, pihak polis tidak akan teragak-agak untuk mengambil tindakan dibawah Seksyen 3 (1) Akta Hasutan kepada penganjur dan seksyen 4 (1) Akta Hasutan terhadap penceramah.

3. Pihak polis juga tidak menghalang mana-mana pihak untuk membuat atau menganjurkan sesuatu perhimpunan, tetapi perlulah mengikut syarat-syarat yang telah digariskan dalam Undang-Undang Negara dan Ketua Polis Selangor menasihatkan agar orang awam tidak menghadiri perhimpunan tersebut memandangkan perhimpunan tidak melalui proses-proses yang telah diperuntukkan oleh Akta perhimpunan Aman (APA).

4. Tambahnya lagi, sehingga hari ini, pihak Polis Selangor masih belum menerima sebarang notis daripada pihak penganjur. Mengikut Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2012, penganjur yang ingin mengadakan perhimpunan harus memaklumkan kepada pihak polis dalam tempoh 10 hari sebelum sebarang perhimpunan diadakan.



: wear black, use black insignia as a mark of protest against t blatant fraud. Wed; Kelana Jaya Stdium 830pm dressed in black.



EC urges Malaysians not to go to streets to protest election results



(PC) Anwar Ibrahim: I Akan Tetap Bersama Rakyat, Menolak Kecurangan, Menolak Pimpinan Yang Tidak Sah: via

(PC) Anwar Ibrahim: I Akan Tetap Bersama Rakyat, Menolak Kecurangan….


Malaysian Insider

Tomorrow’s rally start of ‘fierce movement’ for polls reform, says Anwar

By Boo Su-Lyn
May 07, 2013

Anwar gestures during the news conference at his party’s headquarters today where he vowed to lead a ‘fierce movement’ to reform the country’s electoral system. — Reuters picPETALING JAYA, May 7 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today his rally tomorrow would be the beginning of a “fierce movement” to fight for free and fair elections amid reports of vote-rigging in Election 2013.

The PKR de facto leader, who had led thousands in the “Reformasi” street demonstrations in 1998, also called on Malaysians to wear black or use black insignia to protest alleged electoral fraud in Election 2013.

“This shall be a beginning for a fierce movement to clean this country from election malpractices and fraud, for there is no opportunity for renewal without a clean and fair election,” said Anwar at a packed press conference in the PKR headquarters here.

Tomorrow’s rally start of ‘fierce movement’ for polls reform, says Anwar



Mediarakyat team will be there, so will you. Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat! Pidato Anwar Ibrahim Stadium Kelana…


PKR chief to hold rally to protest electoral fraud

Reeling from what he alleges to be a distorted election process conducted by the Election Commission (EC), PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has called for a rally at the Kelana Jaya stadium on Wednesday.

“I shall address the rakyat for the first time post the general election, on May 8 at 8.30pm. I call upon as many Malaysians to join hands and express our rejection and disgust at the unprecedented electoral frauds committed by (Prime Minister) Najib Abdul Razak and the EC,” he said in a statement today.

Rumours of a major rally to express the Pakatan coalition’s unhappiness with the results had been circulating since late last night when BN crossed the simple majority number required to form a federal government while counting was taking place in many constituencies towards the wee hours of the morning.

PKR chief to hold rally to




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20 Responses to 120,000 at 8 MAY GATHERING! Pidato Anwar Ibrahim Stadium Kelana Jaya Rabu 8 Mei 2013 8.30 malam

  1. ang says:

    anwar and other states should call up the rally in their state, then only UN will help. LGE and other MP in other states do the same.

  2. dekmus says:

    I love anwar……!!!!!!!!! I love anwar!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next pm……. mari lah rakyat…..kita bangkit…… kalah kan bn yg suka main kotor

    • No name says:

      Ungrateful n greedy bunch aljuburi”

      • malaysian says:

        He’s not satisfied because PKR did very very very “the” badly. Pakatan’s other coalition partners are all accepting the results. And they’re force to follow his
        ‘orders’ to head the really together with him in spirit of Pakatan. Finally PKR is living up to its real “Parti Keluar Ramai-ramai” policy. Just hope my fellow brother and sister’s who blindly joined him ,are safe and sound.

  3. MZ says:

    I hate Anwar respect for voice of majority

    • Yati says:

      Voice of majority is Pakatan. Go read the sun papers and others and get your facts right before you said!

      • malaysian says:

        Sun papers?and others?? I thought pakatan leaders said Sun and other papers publishes un-true facts? Why suddenly reading sun and other papers??

    • Bella says:

      I think you are still dreaming in the world, everything start increase aldy, become a burden for us….. support lagi kan, maybe u get rasuah from them…. no wonder la. that’s you got so much money to spend

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  5. Sally says:

    Dato Anwar is our ‘best man’ he is our human rights … it is very clear after the GE13 what we watch & hear through media was fraud . We want true Gov leaders not fake!

  6. Yati says:

    To MZ
    Popular votes :-
    Federal seats : Pakatan 5,623,984 / BN 5,237,699
    States seats : Pakatan 4,879,699. /. BN 4,513,997
    (by The Sun 8May2013)

  7. sam says:

    even we not able to attend, but our soul is there to support. UBAH

  8. ponnudorey says:

    M nt supporting any parties… juz wana tell opposition said town people didnt vote…but village people vote for BN.. its really true bcoz most of the town people votes for pakatan…but PM doesnt agree for this statement…. he shud und that nowadays all are aware of the politics…. seriously in future. .BN gonna face difficulties next election… juz agree la for wat is true n the facts al…..

  9. sokong BN says:

    himpunan malam td menyebabkan kesesakan lalu lintas, tak pikir org balik dr keje penat2, nak cepat sampai rumah, nak istirehat dgn keluarga. tp, situasi itu diganggu dgn program bodoh tersebut, balik keje 5.30, sampai rumah pukul 10 pm..sudah2 lah buat himpunan bodoh ni, kalau SPR tak telus, pembangkang takkan dpt selangor, p.pinang, KL n kelantan. politik pembangkang tak matang dan tak hormat pilihan rakyat…usahlah bawak rakyat ke jalanan, nampak mcm terdesak sgt nak jd PM. konon nak bg satu dunia nampak kesian pd beliau. malaysia negara demokrasi. SPR dah jalankan tggjawab dgn baik. kalau ade penipuan, jgn cakap je, tunjuk bukti dan guna saluran yg btul dan prosedur yg ade untuk lakukan bantahan, jgn heret rakyat ke jalanan. kesian warga bandar yg bekerja seharian, nak balik makan dgn family, tp kelewatan sbb bende2 cmni la…so, lain kalilah

  10. Pingback: The 120,000 Strong Post-GE13 Pakatan Rakyat Rally is FAKE!!! | LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON

  11. nik ahmad says:

    goverment always bluffing. anwar ibrahim also always bluffing

    so mana mau lari. dua2 korup

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