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Three injured in scuffle in Air Putih

4pm: Air Putih, Penang – Three people have been reported injured after a scuffle broke out between a group wearing 1Malaysia t-shirts and members of the public at the SRJK(C) Kong Min polling centre earlier this afternoon.

NONEAccording to eyewitnesses, the 1Malaysia group had challenged some people to a fight.

The police have detained a suspect.

Caretaker Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who arrived about 3pm, has called for calm.

Lim is the incumbent and candidate in the Air Putih state seat which falls under the Bukit Bendera parliament constituency.

3.40pm: Star Online quotes EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof as expressing the hope that the turnout will be better than in 2008, which was about 75 percent.

“If we can get a turnout of 80 percent or higher, it would be among the highest in the world,” he reportedly said.

Contrary to the Bernama report earlier, also citing the EC, Kelantan leads the way with a turnout of 62.02 percent as at noon.

It is followed by Kedah (61.88%), Terengganu (60.9%), Johor (60.01%), Perlis (59.27%), Penang (59.04%), Pahang (59.02%), Selangor (58.9%), Negri Sembilan (58.35%), Sarawak (58.26%), Perak (58.08%) Sabah (57.1%), Putrajaya (55.82%), Malacca (55.67%) and Labuan (45.82%).


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