Malaysiakini Yoursay:PM Sabri, master English for global say, not shy away from it


PM Sabri,

You propose to make BM the lingua franca of Asean. I joined the Asean Secretariat in 2000 and left in 2014. In 2000, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore used to dominate the discussions and the other countries look up upon us in awe. That made us push whatever policies we want.

In 2014, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Laos and Viet Nam spoke fluent English. Malaysia keeps quiet as a church mouse and hides under the table, and are only chatty at meal breaks and field visits.

I don’t want to mention their performance at UN meetings. They follow the wise saying, if you are a fool, don’t open your mouth.

Can you yourself carry out a debate in English. Even a prepared script you cannot read properly.

If you want to remain under the tempurong, do so, but don’t extend the coverage around ASEAN. Let the others progress please.

You are a PM, an accidental one, probably for only several months. Don’t make policies based on your incompetence, that has implications for future generations, affecting your own race that you want to hold supreme.

Language is not about how well you speak, but how best you communicate. Even communicating in sign or body language can be a better option, than a perfect language only a few can understand.


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