Read Dato’ Zenorai Rambli’s account of his harrowing experience with Covid-19


Received via WhatsApp.


From a colleague, ex PETRONAS sharing his harrowing experience dealing with the deadly COVID19:

“Assalam dear all relatives and friends.

By the Grace of Allah I have been back at home since lunch time today, still feeling lethargic after the nasty 7-day covid ordeal.

Let me friendly remind all not to attempt hvg this very unpleasant and dreadful sickness. Take extra precaution not to allow it it to devastate you especially at our not so young the age, worst still if we are the comorbidic type i.e. hvg other chronic sicknesses. Two of my colleague, below 60 yrs of age are still fighting for their live in Taiping Hospital, hvg less that 80% of O2. May Allah give them full recovery.

I first experienced the virus on 15th Nov, hvg very high fever. After doing the RTK test at home, I saw that infamous line on the screen. I did not take it seriously. Two days later, after a full test in the hospital, the doctor told me that the virus had entered my lungs and that I must undergo serious lung treatments at Taiping Hospital. By that time I was already hvg severe fever and cough. I was put on SW Diaxosone steriod tablets, some 20 tablets per day. The nights were filled with sleeplessless, feeling regretfull that I had been careless in observing the simple SOP on my personal hygiene. Taste buds and smells were all gone.

The really unbearble agony was having to be away from loved ones. They say that Taiping is an excellent location for retiretime for peace and tranquility, but not when one is on a sick bed with small bed of hard mattress and pillows. And hvg to share toilets and bath room with heavy coughing patients who were much sicker than myself. There has been no a la Prince Court comfort.

I spent 4 days in Taiping Hospital before being transfered back to empty ward of Kuala Kangsar Hospital meant for recuperating of my lungs. But I was alone in a Kuala Kangsar ward. Really alone because not many yet has recovered from the Taiping Hospital ordeal. Another 4 lonely nights where I kept myself immersed in Quranic versed whole night with Yassin and Al Baqarah until Subuh. I felt there has been some invisable lonely souls accmpanying me in the ward every night.

I recovered well in my recuperation hvg been coached on how to strengthen my lung muscles expecially using the Ribbel lung excercise. My 02 read was always between 97 and 100. The food menu at Kuala Hospital was much tastier though.

I discovered that that in my covid ordeal, somehow my sodium ( salt) level was higher too. The nurses has had to flush them our regularly with Resin S concoction. Too much salt in the system is bad for the heart especially during the covid attack.

After the 7 days ordeal, I lost some 6 kgs.

And I always believe for some time now that I shall never anmore allow myself to be careless of the covid SOP. It is not worth the extreme unpleasantness.

My sincerest advice to all, just cancel your plan to attend any group dinners and kenduries for now. You may survive but much damages done to your lungs.

Stay safe at home for the time being. There is a new nasty covid variant from Africa lurking.

And I hope we do not need to here some more unpleasant stories like this just from anyone. Just dont be arrogant about not catching covid yourself.

Finally, I hv been a Sinovacs recipient. The other 8 members in my household hv AZ and Pfizer. They are not suffering worse like I did. However, I will do my booster injection within this week.

Believe me, covid is for real. Dont play play….

Hope this sharing has been useful for those who think they want to taste covid virus.

With utmost sincerity, TQ

Dato’ Zenorai Rambli
Kuala Kangsar
29 Nov 2021”


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