Budget 2021: What the BD Govt doesn’t want you to know (Finance Twitter); and other facts…




Budget 2021 – Here’s What The Backdoor Government Does Not Want You To Know

RM400 million to abolish Felda settlers’ interest debts – this is actually a bailout after the Malay settlers were screwed up by Najib and his gang members.
RM400 million for biodiversity protection – very little information is available for such huge expenditure.

RM100 million for NGOs involved in job creation – NGOs do not create jobs, hence this could be a gimmick to divert money to NGOs linked to Senior Minister Azmin Ali.

RM2 billion to continue Green Technology Financing Scheme 3.0 – nobody has heard any local products which are based on “green technology” or “green economy”, despite having 3 versions of this dubious scheme.

RM15 billion allocated for transport infrastructure projects, including Pan Borneo Highway, Gemas-Johor Bahru project and Klang Valley Double Track project – the Pan Borneo Highway (2,083 kilometres) is a project which started as soon as the formation of Malaysia in 1963. Chances are this project can never be completed. It’s either for propaganda purpose or to facilitate corruptions – every year.

RM400 million for selected ministries to carry out Research and Development (R&D) – you run R&D to innovate and introduce new products or services. For a government that produces “Doraemon” Minister Rina Mohd Harun, “Warm Water” Health Minister Adham Baba and “TikTok” Higher Education Minister Noraini Ahmad, it’s a waste of money.

RM1 billion to encourage investments in technology, including R&D for the electronic and aerospace industries – this is obviously another dubious project. The last aerospace project – “flying car” – was nothing but a scam cooked up by a half-past-six Entrepreneur Development Minister Redzuan Mohd Yusof.

RM3 billion to maintain military assets – should not this parked under Defence Ministry (which has been allocated RM16 billion) instead of outsource national security assets to third parties or cronies?

RM4 billion for Islamic Development Department Malaysia (Jakim) – Sultan Ibrahim of Johor previously raised his suspicion over how Jakim spent RM1 billion in annual allocations. But now the same agency that promotes hatred, extremism and racism is getting even more taxpayers’ money without any justification.

RM6 billion allocated to empower Bumiputera entrepreneurs – clarification as to the real meaning of “empowering” is needed to prevent wastage of money or fund being diverted to political parties like Muhyiddin’s own Bersatu (PPBM).

RM5 billion to provide access to quality education to Bumiputera institutions – does this mean education for Bumiputera has zero quality all along, so much so they need to be re-educated all over again?

RM1 billion for reskilling and upskilling programmes – back in June, RM2 billion was already allocated for the same programmes to reskilling and upskilling 200,000 youths and unemployed workers. What happens to those people and why repeat the process again?

RM7 billion for Skim Jaminan Penjanaan Pekerjaan (JanaKerja) to create jobs and improve skills – exactly what is the difference between improving skills and reskilling or upskilling that the same term is repeatedly re-used again and again to suck up billions of Ringgit of funds?








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