Rev Dr Ng Swee Meng: Open Letter to the Agong (received via WhatsApp)…


Just for all your eyes.
I wrote an Open Letter to Agong in Malaysiankini.
Not sure if it will see the light of day.

Your Majesty,
I thank Almighty God that He has made you the Supreme Head of our Beloved Malaysia.
As a Christian, I do pray for your Majesty, for much wisdom to lead our Nation as well as for your health and well being.

I was thankful that you showed much wisdom in not agreeing with the current Government’s proposal for an Emergency Declaration recently. As a Malaysian citizen I was thankful and grateful for that advise.

Then you subsequently “Advised” all the MPs to unite to pass the proposed budget which was just introduced yesterday – Friday 6th Nov.
I am not sure if you were privy to the Budget Proposal before you gave your royal advise to the Parliamentarians.

I am no politician, have no political ambition and do not belong to any political party.

As a simple ordinary Malaysian citizen of 65years (I was born before Merdeka) just looking at the proposed Budget there are a few glaring matters that truly disturbed me. I very seldom write to the News Media but this time I felt I just had to get this uneasiness off my chest and bring it to Your Majesty’s kind Attention if that is even possible. At least I will try.
Just TWO SIMPLE MATTERS that greatly bother and trouble me.:

  1. After 63 years of Independence (for Peninsular Malaysia at least ), we have a Proposed Budget that allocates purely by Race – Bumiputeras Vs Chinese & Indians. Not only is till very, very troubling for every right thinking Malaysian but the astounding disparity in the allocation speaks volumes of the intention of the Government. It makes a mockery of all the talk about Unity and need to come together to overcome the current Covid 19 Pandemic sweeping through our country.
    My question is – are there no poor Chinese, poor Indians, poor Orang Aslis and poor Orang Asals that equally need help and assistance. If the allocations had been purely Needs based and not Race based, I am sure all the MPs will give their support but …….
  2. The massive cut in Medical expenditure is quietly hidden within the budget. Big show that we need higher allocation for Ministry of Health in view of the Covid 19 Pandemic which no one will deny but the big big cut in allocation for routine medical treatment and even pharmaceutical supplies will affect the vast majority of ordinary Malaysians who depend on the Government Health services as they have no where else to go. 
    As it is towards the end of each year, medication in Government hospitals will be in short supply and patients inconvenienced having to make repeated trips to properly fulfill their prescriptions. Can you imagine the situation in the coming years with the drastic cut in pharmaceutical budget?

The Government may say they are just trying to balance a very difficult budget considering the current circumstances.
The simplest solution very apparent to the ordinary Malaysian struggling to make ends meet, to balance the Budget is to trim an extremely blotted and unwieldy Cabinet and also not to create additional ‘Propaganda’ departments which will only increase the operational cost.

My simple question to Your Majesty is : Were you fully aware of at least the above two glaring inconsistencies before you advised all the MPs to support the Budget ?
Since you are now aware of these matters, would you still advise the MPs just to support the Budget blindly and not to ask “embarrassing questions” in Parliament OR will you now advise the Government to do what is right for All Malaysians and for Malaysia.

Not sure if this letter will ever reach Your Majesty’s attention but if it does, I leave it to your wisdom to act and advise accordingly.
I will continue to Pray for Wisdom for Your Majesty, your Health as well as our Beloved Malaysia.

God Almighty Bless King and Country.
Your Humble Subject,

Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming


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