untold.news.blog: Part 1 – Liars at MOF, PNB and SC


As you read this blog, please be aware that it was “announced” at Parliament that Jalil Rasheed is not a graduate of LSE.


You will be surprised!

Part 1: Liars at MOF, PNB and SC


The Lies Peddled by UMNO hatchetman Tengku Zafrul on PNB’s Jalil academic qualifications, and executed by PNB Chairman Zeti  and SC Chairman Syed Zaid

  1. The aim of this post is simple: we will show you the evidence that the allegations by MOF, SC and PNB on Jalil academic credentials are nothing by lies, and he was removed because he is honest and wanted to protect the poor Malays that invested in ASN and ASB, and not certain Malay tycoons and billionaires.
  2. The sudden removal of Malaysia rising young corporate ‘star’ Jalil Rasheed from PNB is originated by the politician wannabe and the lead singer of BN bandboys Tengku Zafrul Aziz (a bad singer really, no wonder BN lost the election), and facilitated by two spineless individuals – Tan Sri Zeti Chairman of PNB, and the incompetent lawyer and perpetual whiskey drinker Datuk Syed Zaid Albar the Chairman of Securities
    Commission (SC).

    10. If we want to know the validity of anyone academic credentials, the one and only place that can verify it is the university. Simple aint it? Well, LSE was asked, and the official answer given by LSE is as below :

Note: Leda Cosentino  is the Executive Assistant to Dame Minouche Shafik , the Director of the Directorate of LSE. See link here.

  1. 1st email from PNB to LSE on Friday, 19 June 2020 at 2:17pm
Picture 1
  1. Kindly note the date of the email that was sent. It was sent on the 19 of June 2020, which four days AFTER the board sacked Jalil, and seven days AFTER Jalil was summoned to SC. Is this justice? Shouldn’t Zeti and Syed Zaid verify the allegations first? It is scary that this blatant injustice is executed by Syed Zaid who is a regulator and a trained lawyer! Bodoh dan jahat.
  2. The 1st response from LSE was obtained on same day, at 5:16pm, three hours after the email was sent. The answer was quite vague.
Picture 2
  1. PNB then sent a second email to LSE, on the same at 7pm, to seek clarifications
Picture 3
  1. The reply from LSE to PNB was received on Monday, 22nd It clearly vindicated Jalil. The answer was given in double negative (‘not be factually incorrect’)
Picture 4
  1. Now this is where it gets weird and bit hilarious. PNB then emailed LSE on the same day at 10:21 pm (wow, work hard eh), and asked LSE to clarify.
Picture 5
  1. Double negative is always positive. LSE, which we are sure must been quite annoyed by now, replied after few minutes. Just one sentence. Read below.
Picture 6

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