Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff bin Mohd Kassim, Chairman G25: A thought for the night (received via WhatsApp)…


A thought for the night

The Non Malays do not question the reality that the country is historically ruled by Malays at the political and administrative levels and will be even more Malay in the future as the percentage of other races in the population continue to decline. . They also do not question the govt policy of helping the Malays rise in the economy , as reducing racial disparities will help to strengthen national stability.

While recognising the Malay rights , the minority races also want their rights to be respected and protected in accordance with the constitution.

Further the govt should accept racial and cultural diversity as an asset that gives strength to the country’s social and economic development . Like in other countries, the minority races tend to drive themselves harder for success bcos thats what their ancestors came here for — to find better opportunities in life. When the minorities succeed , the country succeeds . The more people become rich, the more the govt can collect tax from them to raise the revenue for providing the services for the people — roads , schools , hospitals , electricity , water etc. Many services can be provided for the poor bcos the country’s finances are strong , thanks to its wealth in natural resources and the hard working population.

As we look to the future , we have to address the challenges of uniting the people to become more multicultural and tolerant of our differences so that in unity , we can achieve more progress to become a high income country , well developed in its way of life and in its democracy .


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