If the IGP doesn’t know who called up the #DigitalParlimen initiative participants for questioning…



Sean Augustin -July 7, 2020 11:20 AM

PUTRAJAYA: Top cop Abdul Hamid Bador says he is in the dark over who contacted the participants of a youth-run virtual Parliament session, following reports that some of the 222 representatives were called up by the police after the sitting ended.

Speaking to reporters after the launch of the 2020 National Census Day here, he said claims that the participants had been called up was news to him.

“I have checked, and no one from my side called them.

“Those who lodged complaints, please come forward. Don’t worry,” he added.

The virtual Parliament was an initiative by Challenger Malaysia, Undi 18, Liga Rakyat Demokratik and United Nations Association Malaysia Youth to demonstrate how the legislative body could convene on an online platform.

According to the organiser, several participants were called to police stations for questioning without the presence of legal counsel while others were invited for “casual discussions” with individuals who identified themselves as policemen.

Hamid said there was no issue with organising such an event, adding that he was shocked to hear reports of police calling up participants.



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