Mariam Mokhtar: ‘Bruised ego’ or ‘brownie-points-syndrome’? If the Health Minister cannot take any criticism, then he should resign…


‘Bruised ego’ or ‘brownie-points-syndrome’? If the Health Minister cannot take any criticism, then he should resign. Police time & public money were wasted on this farcical trial. Who lodged the police report? The minister? His ampu-bodekers?

The full report from Bernama is below. My comments are in red! You are most welcome to contribute to the discussion. Just mind your language, that is all.

This trial was about dented pride & bruised ego (the Health minister‘s) and someone with “brownie points syndrome” (the civil servant who lodged a police report after he had trawled Facebook looking for insulting comments. Do civil servants do any real work?).

A retiree was fined RM2,000 by the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court today for posting insulting remarks against Health Minister Dr Adham Baba via his Facebook account.

Judge MM Edwin Paramjothy sentenced Abdullah Sani Ahmad, 57, after he pleaded guilty to the charge. The court also ordered him to serve a month’s imprisonment if he failed to pay the fine.

Edwin said the court agreed with arguments put forward by the prosecution that the accused had to be more sensitive when making social media postings.

However, taking into account the criticism posted, in which Edwin said was not overboard and malicious in nature, the accused was penalised with an RM2,000 fine.

If the criticism was “not overboard and malicious”, why the hefty fine?

Abdullah Sani was charged with making insulting remarks against the minister, with the intention to hurt others, on his Facebook account under the name “Sani Ahmad” at 11.45pm on March 31 in which the remarks were read at the Health Ministry headquarters in Putrajaya at 8am the next day.

How did “they” know Abdullah Sani wanted to “hurt others”?

If the Minister or his ampu-bodekers were upset, why “read the remarks out at the Health Ministry headquarters again the next morning”?

Why publicise the remarks and draw attention to whatever it was that had been said? Just let it go lah…no need to be so touchy! Now the whole world knows that the minister and minions, are sooooooo sensitive….

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