There is a petition against Mohd Norazizi bin Samsudain, teacher, MRSM Baling…





Rogol itu jenayah.
Tiada justifikasi rogol.
Rogol tidak mengenal jantina, umur, kaum & agama.
Jangan salahkan mangsa rogol.

Petition to take immediate action against Cikgu Mohd Norazizi bin Samsudain of MRSM Baling.
Sign the Petition!





A petition on is seeking the removal of Mohd Norazizi, a Bahasa Melayu teacher, from his post at Maktab Rendah Sains (MRSM) Baling for his “views” on “rogol” (rape) that promotes rape culture

According to the petition, Norazizi shared his views through an IGTV post titled “B.E.B.E.L – Rogol” under an Instagram account @azizidain on Wednesday, 1 July.

Under the bio of the Instagram account, it says that the person behind it is an educator from Johor, with a degree in Master of Arts (M.A.) in Malay Studies from the University of Malaya (UM).

Norazizi has since made his Instagram account, which has close to 2,000 followers, private and removed the video from his accounts including YouTube, where he has just over 100 subscribers.

The petition says that the Bahasa Melayu teacher’s views “fundamentally enables rape and more pressingly, endangers female students in MARA colleges and by extension, women in Malaysia”.

Created earlier on Friday, 3 July, the petition has gone viral on Twitter and has already received over 18,500 signatures with hundreds of new signees joining in at the time of writing this SAYS story.

Following the petition’s subsequent viral reach, the Bahasa Melayu teacher took to his Twitter account to issue a statement, where he emphasised that “I do not directly support rapists under any circumstances”.

What did the MRSM teacher say in his IGTV video?

While his original post no longer exists, a screen recording of Norazizi’s video was uploaded on Twitter by a woman named Sarah on her account. We reached out to her for permission to use the tweet for this story.

According to Sarah, Norazizi is currently teaching at her high school and that she shared the video on Twitter given the huge risk he poses to young and impressionable students.

In the video, he repeatedly claims that he is “not a rapist” while using language that justifies rape or at least only partly blames a rapist for the act by way of also laying the blame on the victim.

“Over these past few days, [people on] YouTube and Twitter have been talking about rape crimes,” Norazizi, who also goes by Azizi Dain on Twitter, begins in the video that appears over three minutes long.

“Rape isn’t something that just happened yesterday, it’s been haunting the minds of women in this world for years now. As if there is no solution for it, even though so many NGOs have fought for this cause,” he says, adding that he just wants to “talk about a research done by an NGO fighting for women’s rights”.

The research, Norazizi says, “talks about the cause of rape crimes”.

He specifies that while he doesn’t know “the specifications of this research”, based on his “quantitative knowledge” the pie chart published by the NGO shows that “the cause of rape is 100% the rapist himself”.

The MRSM teacher takes objection with this conclusion that a rapist is solely responsible for the act.

He argues that the pie chart — which he included in his video — “doesn’t take into account the victim’s clothing, the victim’s attitude, and [the victim] going out at night as causes for rape”.

“Hmm… even though I’m not a rapist, but I think this research is biased,” he says smugly.

The pie chart was originally shared on Twitter earlier in May this year by WCC Penang, a local NGO working to help women and children who are abused, raped, or sexually assaulted.

The so-called “pie chart” is basically a meme that seeks to remove victim-blaming language used to justify the act of rape. However, it seems to have escaped Norazizi’s “quantitative knowledge” of deduction.

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