Rei Tanotsuka: No, the US cannot prevent China from becoming the world’s largest economy within the next 50 years…


Hiya! I’m Rei Tanotsuka and I am fine, hope you are great too!

Just a little background info. I am an Asian Australian lady, residing in Japan. I have been living here for almost 2 decades.

Living in Japan has bestowed me the gift of contemplation, equanimity when I’m not pissed off and the realisation that I MUST SPEAK TRUTHFULLY. MUST! It’s an imperative to retain the sliver of sanity left in me and I don’t have enough time or trust in karma to do my bidding.



Can the US prevent China from becoming the world’s largest economy within the next 50 years? Rei Tanotsuka Answered 2h ago

I can adamantly say NO.

America can not prevent China from becoming the world’s largest economy, it can try to temper the rate of rise, but it’s powerless to stop it.

I have heard people say that to hold this opinion is premature because back in Japan’s heyday, everyone thought it would lead one day, but America still managed to kick Japan in the nuts to bring it down.

Here’s the difference. Japan has less than half the population of the US, it has zero warfare capabilities, and most importantly it has never had the wherewithal to lead historically. China, India, along with Iran have traditionally been leaders. This would NOT be a new role for any of these 3 great countries, it is a reversion to the natural world order.

I think Western philosophy is in err. On the one hand it has established a material doctrine – the survival of the fittest, which is being championed to explain not only evolution, but it’s own ascension to govern others.

Imperialism is the belief that the most superior race (the imposition of the culture of the superior race) must not only dominate the “inferior” people, but that it has a “duty” to teach the “unenlightened” masses the “correct” way to be.

Jules Harmand, a proponent of colonialism (French colonialism) pompously declared that the world MUST ACCEPT the notion of a race hierarchy.

“The basic legitimation of conquest over native peoples is the conviction of our superiority, not merely our mechanical, economic, and military superiority, but for our moral superiority.”

Now remember what the French did to the colonised countries of Africa when it “left”. It tore up the infrastructure built, destroyed the education facilities and basic necessities such as water and sewage systems unless the “post” colonised regions signed the Pact for the Continuation of Colonialisation, which forces the “independent” African nations to surrender 85% of their foreign reserves to France. Oh by the way, if the “liberated” African countries want access to the THEIR OWN FUNDS, they must ASK the French. With independence like this, who needs colonialism? Remember, this is the MORAL superiority of the French at play. C’est le vie!

The need to subvert China’s rise is in stern opposition to Western philosophy!

Clearly we are now witnessing the rise of a more “superior” nation, yet why aren’t the Anglo Western countries (especially) rejoicing in their new “superior” leader in the same way they expected previous generations of “inferior” people to act in an inveigle manner to their “superiority”?

I guess we all heard about the U.S. Department of Commerce having a change of heart, coming to their senses regarding the SUPERIORITY of Huawei’s 5G technology and now allowing American firms to work with Huawei. This is something Ren Zhengfei openly predicted when America’s sore loser spirit overwhelmed logic and they decided to ban Huawei.

Australia, my sinophobic home joined the persecution tirade, now with tail between its legs, not only will it possibly need to backtrack because America, it’s benighted leader has, it will earn itself the reputation of being truly unscrupulous and racist. Turnbull, our ex PM has already revealed that the banning of Huawei was not due to any wrongdoing on Huawei’s part.

The truth will be such THAT IRRESPECTIVE of whether YOUR PREJUDICE aligns with it or not, it will prevail.

So, we can continue the Chinese trope which time and time again have proven fallacious, even using the vainglorious euphemistic terms to describe Western bias won’t curtail the fact that China is literally doing what it tells you it’s doing.

The “concentration” camps commonly touted by the Anglo West, are honestly re educational facilities. Even the CLASSIFIED LEAKS attests to a strict school and NOT a concentration camp. The Xinjiang SECRET… LEAKED – Asian Straight Shooter

Digression : people who make these comparisons are being disingenuous. Have they NOT read the history of REAL concentration camps? Here’s context, prisoners under the Third Reich were forced to dig tunnels for the clandestine V2 rocket project in a site euphemistically named Mittelwerk, the Germans, paranoid by the possibility of a revolt, did not provide shovels and the like, so the emaciated prisoners were digging bare handed. The schools in Xinjiang? They have to sing songs about Xi’s greatness. Really, these 2 situations are BOTH concentration camps? If that’s the case, please sign me up for the Chinese version because I just got my nails done.

When China tells you that will make a 1000 bed hospital in 10 days, it will live stream you the manual.

When a Chinese tech company tells you that it’s ahead and you will be back after you hurl unfounded accusations of security breeches, YOU really will come back, red faced, acting docile and PRETENDING you didn’t bad mouth them at a UN conference.

The rise of China is NOT a battle between communism and democracy. A battle requires an opponent!

America is in a boxing ring alone, calling itself Adam Democracy waiting for its rival, Commi Ming for a rigged punch up, except Ming is tending to his garden, growing up some bok choy along with those citrus symbols of wealth, the delightfully tangy sweet mandarin, with a pot of delectable Fujian Oolong tea brewing in the background, a light bubbling of the tea clay pot to signal the time to kick back after a hard day’s work in the garden.

America, you need to take a chill pill. Noone is out to get you. People all around the world do not naturally despise you, we rise because we work HARD, we don’t rise just to annoy you.

Yellow Peril 2.0 – Asian Straight Shooter




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