#StayHome if you can. They could be loosening the MCO too quickly, too early as we have not really flattened the curve!


Almost all businesses will open. We can now go shopping for groceries together, my wife and I. Together in one car, the two of us. Together at the shopping centre.

Is it too early to allow for this to happen? I suspect so. I hope I am wrong.

See the figures? What a sudden jump in new cases!

And we were told that Malaysia had flattened the curve…

Let’s wait. And pray!


3 May 2010: 122 new cases.

What flattening are they talking about?


CORONAVIRUS | There are 122 new Covid-19 infections as of noon today, the second consecutive day that infections have been in the triple digits.

This is the highest infection since April 16, when 110 infections were reported.

Total infections are now at 6,298, with 1,780 active cases.

Of the new infections today, 70 were local or community infections, while 52 were imported cases.

Of the local infections, 24 were from enhanced movement control order areas, that is Selangor Mansion (3), the area around the Kuala Lumpur wholesale market (17), and Selayang Baru (4).

There was also a spike in cluster cases. There were 50 new cases linked to the Indonesian Pesantren Islamic school cluster, Sendayan (17), Chow Kit market (16), Sarawak church gathering (1) and Kuching health workers (1).

 A new cluster has also been identified among construction workers in Kuala Lumpur, which had 28 cases yesterday.

Noor Hisham said a probe is underway to determine if this is linked to the Kuala wholesale market cluster, as the construction workers may be staying in the same accommodation as those who work at the market.

Of the current cases, 27 are in ICU, four less than yesterday, while the number of those on ventilators is at 13, one more than yesterday.

Two new deaths were reported, bringing the death toll to 105.



Figures given on 2 May: 105 new cases. Selayang wholesale market 36. Selayang Baru 20. Selangor Mansion 4. Tahfiz school in Pahang 6.










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