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Additional rules as Singapore extends CB to 1 June…

.. Coronavirus: Last digit of IC to determine entry to four markets; essential workforce to be cut to 15 per cent https://t.co/0CP9NOa3dy pic.twitter.com/Siuo6VLXc1 — AsiaOne – pls stay at home #SGUnited (@asiaonecom) April 21, 2020 .. Circuit breaker: Dessert & … Continue reading

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Israel seems ahead in the race for a cure and a vaccine for Covid-19…

.. https://www.timesofisrael.com/33-sick-israelis-treated-with-antibodies-from-recovered-covid-19-patients/ .. https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-company-hopes-to-treat-coronavirus-patients-with-placenta-cells/ Stem cells to cure COVID-19 because why not .. https://www.jpost.com/health-science/israeli-scientists-in-three-weeks-we-will-have-coronavirus-vaccine-619101 ..

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And what’s shocking about Hishammuddin Hussein having Playboy on his book shelf? đź¤”

.. We dig deep and uncover the truth behind the biggest scandal in Malaysian politics today. (Jokes) https://t.co/eOVibfTqO8 — The Rakyat Post (@therakyatpost) April 21, 2020 .. Hishammuddin Pembaca tegar. #Playboy pic.twitter.com/VpMle4hPDJ — ExposingKlepto (@ExposingKlepto) April 21, 2020

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The resurrection of RUU 355…

.. Malaysiakini – Get ready for PAS to revive Act 355 debate, Mat Sabu tells Amanah Good comment by Mat Sabu compare to some of their leaders who love to write long long long article. https://t.co/FiPbClnXOO — Mandeep Singh (@mandeepkarpall) … Continue reading

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When Malaysia’s second wave of Covid-19 infections hits: From migrant workers? Just like in Singapore except that ours would be a tsunami!

.. BernamaPublished 27 Apr 2020, 11:09 pmModified 27 Apr 2020, 11:12 pm –The fake news claimed that: “According to data released by the Statistics Malaysia in 2019, the total number of legal and illegal foreign workers in Malaysia has reached 6.7 million. … Continue reading

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Why was WTI oil at US$1 a barrel? And at one point of time, – US$30…

.. Brent (international oil) is less badly hit than WTI (American oil). The difference lies in storage. Here’s what negative oil prices really mean: https://t.co/IA251N3dRV by @theothersarahh pic.twitter.com/vyFnO7YsF0 — Forbes (@Forbes) April 21, 2020 .. #OilCrash: U.S. #OilPrices turned negative … Continue reading

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