While Saifuddin Abdullah asks Asma Asha, “Are you sure Harapan didn’t steal?” our question is “Are you part of the deep state that toppled Harapan?”



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A PKR representative wants Communications and Multimedia Minister Saifuddin Abdullah to answer several questions raised over the latter’s accusation that Pakatan Harapan was also corrupt when it was in power.

Amin Ahmad, who is PKR MP for Kangar, took to Twitter today over Saifuddin’s comments on Facebook where the former PKR secretary-general suggested that Harapan had also “stolen” and involved in corruption.

“@saifuddinabd has to be responsible for his statements. First, does he believe that BN also ‘steals’ and he is okay with it because he says PH also steals?

“Second, has he lodged a report with the MACC over the ‘stealing’ that PH had done?

“Third, political appointments were not allowed (then) and is he fighting for the same thing now, too? And four, is he confident that ‘Geng Kitol’ does not steal?” Amin tweeted inMalay on his Tweethandle @NoorAminAhmad. 

Amin’s reference to “Geng Kitol” is believed to be referring to former PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and his allies. Together with Saifuddin and nine other PKR MPs, they defected and joined Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin to form the Perikatan Nasional federal government. Umno, PAS, and GPS, among others, form the PN coalition.

Amin had also attached a link to a Malaysiakini report about Saifuddin’s comments, which the latter made in response to a netizen who criticised him on his Facebook page.



Communications and Multimedia Minister Saifuddin Abdullah today raised doubts about the integrity of the previous Pakatan Harapan administration’s commitment in combating graft.

In a Facebook post addressing one Asma Azha, Saifuddin did not accuse anyone specifically but asked if she was confident that the previous administration was indeed clean.

“Are you confident that Harapan did not steal or (were not involved in) corruption?

“Sis, you knew Harapan before they became the government and had power.

“When God tested (them) with power and money, they were the same. People change,” wrote Saifuddin.

He said Harapan was once against political appointments, but allegedly reneged on this promise.

“After they came to power, who became the special envoy to China? Who sat on the board for the ports in Klang and Kuantan?

“I am the former foreign minister and I know who lobbied the prime minister to appoint (Cheras MP) Tan Kok Wai (as special envoy).

“So what’s the difference?” asked Saifuddin.

These comments, along with a string of other replies to other netizens, appeared for at least an hour on the minister’s Facebook page before it was no longer accessible.

Saifuddin was once the secretary of the Harapan presidential council and a key figure in the coalition.

He left the coalition to be part of the new government led by Muhyiddin Yassin following the “Sheraton Move” late February.





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