Corona Tour and Travel offers you a 14-day 13-night tour…


Now on Limited Time Special Offer

Full Day
Ground Arrangement.


  • 08.30 Departure from the Bathroom.
  • 08.31 Arrival at the Kitchen for a sumptuous breakfast is served.
  • After breakfast we will visit the Bedrooms and explore the bedsheets and curtain fabrics while trying hands on folding.
  • Then we will have a century old method of cleaning workshop where proper guidance and training will be imparted in how to wash the clothes n utensils. Gloves and detergent will be provided.
  • Thereafter an Added attraction visiting to Main Hall. Sweeping & Mopping will be allowed AT NO EXTRA COST.
  • At 1.00pm, Lunch in the Kitchen.
  • At 2.30 pm, a siesta on the sofa with a breeze air from the 3 blade rotor on hard white sky (ceiling) .
  • In the evening, a visit to the Living Room, where hot tea and biscuits will be served.
  • Afterward, free Leisure time to walk on the corridors and explore the balcony and the detail design of all doors , grills & windows.
  • Return late evening to your bathroom for a fresh shower after a long day with your favorite shower gel and shampoo.
  • Adjourn after fresh up for a super Dinner in the Hall.

-Thereafter retire to your Bedroom with fond memories and an assurance of a repeat the 2nd, 3rd, 4th……….14th day.

Interested parties, kindly contact:
Corona Tour & Travel


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