Malaysia: The 15 essential services during the MCO…


These are the 15 essential industries:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Energy
  4. Communications & Internet
  5. Security & Defense
  6. Solid Waste & Public Cleansing Management and Sewage
  7. Health and Medical (Dietary supplements included)
  8. Banking and Finance
  9. E-commerce
  10. Logistics confined to the provision of essential services
  11. Transportation by land, water or air
  12. Port, dock, airport services and undertakings (including stevedoring, literage, cargo handling, pilotage and storing or bulking of commodities)
  13. Production, refining, storage, supply & distribution of fuel and lubricants
  14. Hotels and accommodations
  15. Any services/works determined important or critical to public health or safety by Minister


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