Liew Chin Tong: The race to reach 112…


The race to reach 112

By Liew Chin Tong

With the statement this afternoon by the Comptroller of the Royal Household, Ahmad Fadli Shamsuddin, the nation’s fate hangs in the balance.

All Malaysians who love and care about the nascent Malaysian democracy birthed on 9th May 2018 should petition their MPs to support the legitimate government of Malaysia and reject the return of a kleptocratic government.

The race to reach 112 now boils down to two contrasting governments that will be formed in the hours or days to come. One will be helmed by Anwar Ibrahim and the other will be led by Muhyiddin Yassin.

The Pakatan Harapan Government is the legitimate government chosen by the people during the 14th General Election. It is a government comprising individuals of integrity and who have a proven track record of upholding reformist policies. It is also a coalition of parties who have shown loyalty to each other over a prolonged period of time, despite various challenges that threatened to pull it apart.

In terms of governing ideas, the parties have compatible policy positions and have worked towards a common policy framework throughout its long working relationship. These qualities make it a more stable and reliable government to deliver results and uplift the lives of ordinary Malaysians.

The other side, Perikatan Nasional, which comprises UMNO, PAS, Bersatu (Muhyiddin faction) and Azmin Ali’s bloc, is a back door illegitimate government trying to usurp the democratic fruits of 2018. They have lost any legitimacy to govern, because their actions in the last 6 days are a betrayal of the people’s mandate in GE14. They have also shown a lack of integrity and lack of commitment to the reforms Malaysia needs, instead putting their own interests above the interest of the nation.

After ending 61 years of one-party rule in Malaysia, we now face a challenge to restore stable and democratic governance and prevent Malaysia from sliding into irreversible outcomes that could lead to a failed state. Warisan of Sabah and GPS of Sarawak have a crucial and historic role in determining the outcome of who will form the next government.

All MPs and parties will have to ask the question, who do they want to work with? As with all Malaysians, we want a stable and viable government of compatible parties who respect each other and the people’s mandate. We do not want a return to a coalition of convenience, or of self-gain, which is easily open to manipulation and corruption.

The fate of the nation is sealed, unless there are MPs who can find the courage and conviction to choose a coalition of reforms instead of a coalition of kleptocrats. Will there be MPs from Bersatu, UMNO and PAS who do not want to see the return of kleptocrats?

I dread seeing the corrupt figures from Najib’s kleptocracy walking free.

The nation is hinging on the balance now.


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