Apologies to Nurjeehan Hashim! I was wrong.


weehingthong says: February 28, 2020 at 6:03 am(Edit)

Thanks for the information. It will be taken down. My apologies.


weehingthong says: February 28, 2020 at 6:10 am(Edit)

Dear Nurjeehan Hashim
My most earnest apologies.
When anyone clicks on the post, it will show: Apologies to Nurjeehan Hashim! There will be no content.
Thong Wee Hing



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5 Responses to Apologies to Nurjeehan Hashim! I was wrong.

  1. nurjeehan says:

    Mr Wee Hing Thong – let this be a notice that you will be served with a legal action soon. A police report & SKMM complaint has been successfully lodged. You have publicized a false allegation without substantiated evidence – that was originally posted on Twitter (and deleted by the owner Mr Zurairi AR). As a result this has triggered a series of slander, contempt, cyber bullying, stalking & harassment towards me and carries potential safety threat. It is morally wrong & extremely irresponsible.

    I seek you to take down within 24 hours all posts relevant to this on all social medias concerned (blog, Twitter etc). Failing which a definitive next course of action will be pursued swiftly.

    Please be informed.

  2. weehingthong says:

    Incidentally, a legal notice is a waste of your time and money. A lawyer is expensive. Anything from RM 30 onwards if it gets to court. What can you get from me? I’m almost 70, owns a Proton that is 15 years old, rent a low cost terraced house, earn 700 a month, no savings, EPF used up, and depend on son to pay for car repairs. Even if I wanted to pay you, there isn’t much. I won’t be getting a lawyer. Can’t afford it.

  3. weehingthong says:

    Correction: a lawyer costs RM 30,000.

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