Old News: Zakir Naik is freed from all charges! January 2018.

This is old news. It was 18/1/18.
New proceedings filed.

Zakir has to physically appear in Indian court on 31 July 2019 or face a non bailable warrant of arrest. He is being charged for money laundering of RM 115 million.


New Delhi – Justice Manmohan Singh FINDS DR. ZAKIR NAIK INNOCENT Of ALL CHARGES – Including Hate Speeches, Inciting Terrorism Or Money Laundering!

Judge Singh also orders the Enforcement Directory to return all confiscated properties of Dr Zakir Naik.

Judge Questions the Enforcement Director for Any Evidence of speeches by Dr Zakir Naik supposedly linked to Dhaka terror or any recorded statement from misguided youth as to being mislead by talks of Dr Zakir Naik – and there are none.

After the judge himself, listened to Dr Zakir Naik’s speeches, he found nothing whatsoever objectionable.

Alhamdulillah (Praise Be To God)

Justice Manmohan Singh also grilled the Enforcement Directory for not acting against tens of hindu baba preachers who amassed 10,000 crores (millions) & facing criminal charges of rape and more; such as Swami Asaram Bapu.


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1 Response to Old News: Zakir Naik is freed from all charges! January 2018.

  1. E Lye says:

    So, …………………, he has no reason not to return home now ……………. unless that judge is part of a sting operation. I thought only lawyers asked questions. Can judges interrogate? Like Judge Judy?

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